Showers & Wind?

*sigh* I just look at the weather report for Maui and it says showers and wind for next week.  I know I can't do anything about it but now I sort of want to cry...are my pictures going to be crap? 

Re: Showers & Wind?

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    Don't even worry about it!  That's what ours weather report was and there was hardly a cloud in the sky!  The weather in HI is just that way...seriously, don't check the weather report again, okay?  :)  Do you have a WC?  They will know if/when to get serious about the weather if you're getting married outdoors.
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    How could your pictures be crap? You'll be in Maui! Maui weather comes and goes so quickly that you may be pleasantly surprised by sunshine instead. On my wedding day it was supposed to be windy and stormy but that lasted only a short time in the early morning when we were sleeping. By the time the wedding rolled around it was picture perfect! Let's pretend for a second that it is rainy and windy; if you have a decent photographer they should be able to work with the lighting and weather to give you some creative and just-as-great pictures. It's their job and I am sure it's not  the first time it's happened. Some pictures in the rain can look amazing! We'll cross our fingers for you that the weather shapes up and it's everything you could imagine! :)
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    Thank you so much, I had a brief moment of crazed emotions.  I've been really laid back and cool and then for some reason I had the brilliant idea to look up the weather and saw that and bam...tears.  I contacted our DOC and our Photographer and both said the exact same thing...the weather is great blah blah blah.  I have 9 days...I'm allowed to be a little emotional right?   :)  Thank you, I feel so much better
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