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Those of you who are going or did go to Ireland for your honeymoon, did you book a package deal from a travel agent or online? Or did you make all of the individual arrangements yourselves? If you booked a package, would you recommend it? Where did you find it? We've found some packages on myguideireland.com and authenticireland.com that look interesting. Anywhere else we should be looking?

Re: Ireland Honeymooners

  • We're going through Erin at TenonTours - www.tenontours.com

    She's been awesome!  We have a honeymoon registry through her as well.  I gave her a list of tours we'd like to do and we have until 2 wks prior to make the arrangements for the tours.  We're doing a 7 day self-drive tour staying in B&Bs, one night in Dublin and one night in a castle.  She matched a price from another tour operator and everything has been very smooth so far. 

    Our honeymoon is in early March...I"ll be posting the vendor reviews by the end of the month when we return.
  • I am also planning a 10 night honeymoon to Ireland and am having a travel agent from memorabletravels.com, a local agent, plan our trip with our input. She has booked our flight, rental car, all hotels/castles/B&B's, a one day bus tour, and a castle dinner. I thought for our first trip to Europe and all of the wedding planning I've been doing, I needed someone else for this. I started out using myguideireland, but decided I wanted to do it with someone I could actually go and meet with in person, etc. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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