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I'm yet another bride-to-be on cloud 9!

We were leaving on the red eye for a week in Boston, to be arriving on the morning of my birthday. So i decided to have a small brunch to celebrate my birthday on the morning before we left (the day before my actual birthday). What started as a small brunch turned into a group of about 22. The morning started out pretty frantic since the place i originally made reservations for was CRAZY PACKED for the world cup game. Luckily a not too far away restaurant was able to take our large group with no notice and we headed over and had a great breakfast. Melt down averted. Towards the end when things were wrapping up my BF (at the time) came up to me and i noticed pulp on his lip. I asked him if he took a shot?! And he said he and my dad took a shot at the bar. Then he proceeded to take me by the hand and walked me over in front of everyone and pulled out the box. That's when i realized what he was doing! He got on his knee and asked me to marry him! I said yes, of course i will and the he tried to put the ring on my right hand. lol poor guy was so flustered. It was really amazing that he did it in front of my closest family and friends and even his parents were there too. And the best part of all was that it was caught on multiple cameras AND video!! I don't know how many times i've already watched the video! You can't hear anything he or i were saying though because as soon as he pulled out the box, all you can hear is everyone screaming! <3
So then the shot made sense. He had talked to my dad before proposing, which i love! (tequila shots are my dad's celebratory gesture! haha) 
I had a feeling it was coming soon since we had been talking about it and i knew he had a ring. But i figured since we were going out of town for my birthday it might happen during our trip. So i'm glad that he still was able to surprise me!!

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