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Beverage Station Ideas - Help?

Here's the thing...our venue does not allow us to bring in any outside alcohol so we have to use their bartender, which is not a big deal (both FI and my families like to drink, so we're just having a cash bar). Anywho, our caterer only supplies two drinks and charges $1.75 per drink (we're having close to 200-250 guests so that's super pricey). But the thing is our caterer has limited drink selections. I recently found out that we are allowed to bring in any outside non-alcoholic beverages - WHOO HOO! So what we're thinking about doing is having a beverage bar/station, only thing is is we don't know what we want to do, drink wise. Or really how fancy we need to get...just have soda bottles out with a cute label of our names or fancy it up? Any suggestions? I've found some pics online that I find very cute, but just don't know.

P.S. Our theme is shabby-chic/vintage. We're having chicken stuffed with cranberries and vegetables, and both of our families are big partiers. I don't know if any of that helps.

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Re: Beverage Station Ideas - Help?

  • I think that sounds adorable!  Anything you do will be fine - when people are thirsty, they don't care if it comes with the couple's monogram on it.  But you definitely can play it up if you want.

    Get some mason jars and pre-fill with non-alcoholic drinks.  Maybe make a strawberry lemonade and a peach iced tea?  You can have pitchers like the ones above for people to refill their mason jars all night!



  • I bought my drink containers (very much like the ones in your photo) for $8 each at Big Lots. They're glass and pretty. I got 4 so I can do tea, sweet tea, lemonade, and a bubble refill station. 
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  • We are having a welcome drink station that will be set up for people to get drinks before and after the ceremony. We are just doing lemon water and cucumber water, nothing to fancy but something that will quench the thirst.
  • We are using old wine bottles for water and lemonade on each table
  • I love the containers, and I've seen similar ones at TJ Maxx and Marshalls recently.  You could supply lemonade and tea, and then fresh fruit/puree to "flavor" them if you want to mix it up a bit.
  • Thankfully our caterer does this but we're having sweet tea, unsweet tea (I have a lot of elderly relatives that are diabetic), water, and sparkling lemonade. We've got the basics covered and then a little something fun. =)
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