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    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: Welcome to the Gay Wedding board! : Congratulations and all the best to you!
    Posted by Rev.Bishop[/QUOTE]
    Thank you very much for that. As a "newly" coming out lesbian, I try to find positive encouragement anywhere I can. I am proud to say I am getting married next year and I'm so excited for this board.
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    Hello Everyone my partner and i are from Texas and are planning on getting married in Vegas 12-8-12 any advice?
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    Hi All! My wonderful partner of 8 years and I are having a commitment ceremony in Austin, TX on 09-29-12. The weeks are FLYING by and I feel like I still have a zillion things to do. It's both exciting and stressful! The Knot has been a lifesaver.
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    Hi my Partner and I are from Northern Ireland, we got engaged in 2010 and will be together 7 years this October.  Due to family uncertainty and the fact that spending a huge sum on one day is a big deal without the risk of some spoiling it for us we've decided to turn our big day in to a big trip of a lifetime!!  We have a georgous dog who we love to bits and since we got him 4 years ago my OH hasn't wanted to go on any foreign hols (which is fine I love our wee caravan trips round Ireland) so this is our one chance to not only make a committment to each other but also to have an expeirence of a lifetime together.  We've decided on NY for our wedding/honeymoon trip as Jem loves it and I've always wanted to go.

    Has anyone been to any same-sex weddings in NY, or can you recommend any locations for a ceremony very small (us plus witnesses) private but we want amazing pictures.  Also where is good to eat stay see etc???  Any input whould be great as we really don't have very long to organise this.  Thanks folks x
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    Not just a lesbian wedding, but a lesbian NERD wedding... not just a lesbian NERD wedding, but I (wifey) have kids.

    Ahh, the complications!!

    Nerdy in what way? MUSIC of course. We are both passionately in love with music. All of us, actually. The kids are just as doomed as we are.

    So if any of you have great ideas for a music themed wedding, let's be friends. Heck, let's be BEST friends. I love those.
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    Hi All,

    President Barack Obama said last month he supports same-sex marriage.Obama said in an interview with ABC News, "At a certain point I've just concluded that for me, personally, it is important  to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married."

    I must say I felt so happy to hear the news because he was the first president to have the courage to say those words but now I am wondering if he will push to pass legislation in case he will win re-election.

    I have some friends waiting for this law for years here in Florida, as a wedding planner I can't wait to have the possibility to give the legal marriage license to my lovebirds!!!

    What do you think about it? Will he push to legalize same-sex marriage if he has a second term?

    Lot of sunshine!
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    Hi My name is Ash and My girlfriend and I are getting married 4-19-13. (She is 23 and Im 25)  We are having a wedding in our local Episcopal church with about 150 ppl invited. I was wandering if anyone had any suggestions. We will be having a traditional wedding but would like to show our support of the LGBT community.... without going over the top. Maybe small pins for those most supportive of our during our younger yeears? We will be the first in out central New York state community.
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    Hey there

    My name's Shane and I'm from Manchester, England. My parnter and I are looking to get married in the 1st week of next July 2013 to be around in time for the Independance day celebrations.

    There's only going to a few close friends joining us from the UK, does anyone have any ideas of the best place for a small intimate ceremony, maybe a roof top or central park locations? We were then thinking of dinner in a really good restaurant or taking a river cruise?

    Let me know your thoughts Smile
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    Ahh! I can't believe that I'm here!

    My boyfriend Chase and I just got engaged about two weeks ago. He already has so many ideas about our wedding and I feel like I don't even know where to start. But, I joined this site and have already started going throught the checklist. We haven't decided on a date quite yet, but are looking at Aug 2013. Planning on a ceremony and reception here in Salt Lake, but would like to travel to have an "offical" marriage. Too bad we can't do it all here, but oh well, our day will still be one of the biggest for us! Can't wait to learn more!

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    WE tv's hit series MY FAIR WEDDING (hosted by celebrity event planner David Tutera) is now seeking same-sex couples who are having unions in the LA area in July, August or September 2012 and need a little help making their dream ceremony a reality.

    We're looking for couples with UNIQUE ideas and special obstacles that David and his high-end team of planners can help you overcome. Do you disagree with your partner's choice for the wedding theme? Is the budget so low that the ceremony is starting to look cheap? Has a friend or family member expressed concerns about the ceremony?

    If this sounds like your ceremony (or if you know a couple who needs David's help!), then we want to hear from YOU! David Tutera can take any situation and turn it into the perfect wedding event for EVERYONE.


    Send an email to with the following information:


    Please also include a brief description and/or photos of any existing event plans (i.e., Clothing, Venue, Decor, etc...) if you have them! Partners must be at least 21 years of age and citizens or legal residents of the United States.

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    Hi, All, My name is Laura. My girlfriend, Kathrine and I have been together for almost three years in August. We are talking about getting engaged. This is a very exciting time in our lives, but we have lots of questions and we are hoping we can find some answers to these questions here. Short and simple: we are both feminine girlie girls. So in our relationship, we both have the same role. We both want diamond engagement rings and we both want to propose to each other. We like the idea of doing it at the same time because we want ti out our engagement rings on at the same time. Do any of you have a suggestions on now we can do this? Thank you. Laura
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    I jsut  gotten propsed to  and i;am tryin toget  idea for a   same sex wedding  iam needing help with colors  schemes  reception locations.  honey moon tips neither one fo  us  flies  so it gotta be,  with in the USA, any idea's
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    Hey, my girlfriend of 5 years and I are getting married June, 2013. We will wait and see if Maryland will uphold its marriage equality bill and get the license in January.  If MD is not cool with the gay, we will just go and get it in DC.  The ceremony will be onboard the Norwegian Breakaway cruise ship!  We are super excited to celebrate on the ship with our guests but planning this thing is already crazy!

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    Hello everyone!  My girlfriend and I of 2 1/2 years recently got engaged and are planning our destination wedding for August 16, 2014 in Niagara Falls, Ontario. I'm really excited to see this board here on The Knot because there are not a lot of books on planning gay weddings that I have found.  
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    hello, we're a gay couple looking for a wedding planner in DC. Any suggestions on a gay friendly wedding planner with experience with a National Mall ceremony?
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    Good morning. My question is regarding etiquette. My partner and I are getting married in 2 weeks and are expecting 170 guests. At least 5 of the women have asked if they can wear white. Neither my partner or I have a strong feeling either way about this. We want everyone to be comfortable and have a great time, while showing the same respect they would at any other wedding. I don't like the idea of telling someone, no you can't wear that. Any thoughts or suggestions would be extremely helpful.

    Thank you,

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    My partner & I will be getting married this May 13th (Mothers day) 2013. We're having a simple, spring, rustic, diy, country wedding, lol. 
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Welcome to the Gay Wedding board!</a>:
    [QUOTE]we are having a rainbow themed wedding but we refuse to have it be tacky. Any ideas to share? THANKS!
    Posted by LeLi6812[/QUOTE]

    <div>reception Idea: each table a different color theme. individually they would be monochromatic but together a rainbow. </div><div>As far as wedding colors themselves with rows of chairs and such... could make each row a different color perhaps but that is definitely and admitedly on the edge of campy/tacky... Would love to hear what you discover(ed)</div>
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    Hello, My name is Scott, I am from Kansas am born from 1989 and enjoy browsing this site for ideas on my eventual wedding though I am not currently engaged. I do find that it would be nice for this site to include a gay avatar or even a guy avatar lol. its pretty narrow currently. Best wishes to all of you currently engaged. I wish you a beautiful wedding and an even more wonderful marriage :-) ~Scott
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    Hello all! My fiance and I are getting married next year (no date yet) here in upstate New York (no venue yet) and I just wanted to say hello and express my gratitude for this board! Such a wealth of info that I have not been able to find ANYWHERE on the net. Cheers!
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    Im looking in the Kansas City area for a wedding dress and in an area that's not exactly welcoming of gay marriage I'm hoping to find some suggestions of places to go in the kansas city area that will be accepting of me.

    Any suggestions?
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    Hi everyone me and my partner had a whirlwind romance and we are getting married Dec 14th of this year here in Mass. She lives in Fl and I am here in Mass and we are legally getting married and Next year we are moving to Maryland. Blessings on everyones wedding I am also on Facebook too

    EVERYONE deserves LOVE!!
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    hello hello all, does anyone know how to change your wedding date on here. my partner and i bumped up our date from 10/13/13 to 11/16/12... yikes!!! and i cant keep my check off list together..heeeellllp! if you can that is. thanks ahead everyone.
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    hi every one ! 

    me and my partner will be getting married next year. small problem we live in florida and have NO IDEA WHERE TO START. CAN ANYONE HELP US ?? THANK YOU ! Laughing
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    Hello I live in RI and getting married in MA. Can anyone refer a female DJ?
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    Check out the gay friendly wedding vendors on There's tons of businesses for every state. Maybe you can find someone on there?
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    Hello everyone! My partner and I are planning our wedding for July 13, 2013! While it isnt legal in Cali just yet, we are going to register at domestic partners then, even if thats our only option. We are looking for reasonably prices venues in the SD area. My parter is really hoping for an outdoors wedding. Any suggestions???
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    Hey everyone! My partner and I are getting married after more than 25 years together. I thank the 1.28 million voters in Maryland last month for making it so. We are approaching this event from a different perspective. We've already decided no rings, no flowers, no attendants. But I will be asking a lot of questions here as we put things together. Thanks! Dan in Annapolis
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    Hi everyone! My partner and I are getting MARRIED (I still can't believe I get to say that) on 9/13/'s now legal in Washington state and we are SO happy!!! We'll be even happier when gay marriage is ok in EVERY state....but for now we are happy to be Washingtonians :)
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    Hello everyone! My partner and I have been together for 7.5 years and got engaged on Christmas Day 2009. Since we put off wedding planning for so long because it is not legal in NC, we just decided to look ahead, pick a date and start saving. I have a while, tenatively we are looking at December 4, 2015! Yes I know..wayyy far ahead, but we are paying for the entire thing ourselves and need to save and plan! Plus the earlier I start, maybe we can bump the date up :) I'm not even sure if we are going to get married in DC and then have the ceremony in NC with friends and family or move the whole wedding upstate. Good thing I have time to think this through. I am so happy to see all of the same-sex wedding plans from everyone!
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