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OK - I need some help from the local ladies...or anyone who has ever planned a party on the Big Island..
My destination wedding is probably going to be planned without the benefit of a pre-wedding visit.  I'll be trusting that the site, the catering, etc will all be up to my standards and attempting to plan it all via telephone & e-mail, based on recommendations from you ladies and the contact I have at the resort where we'll likely have the reception.  (The added cost of a quick trip from TN to the islands to confirm everything just isn't in my budget, unfortunately...)
I need to know if any of you have familiarity with a vendor for cake and flowers.  Depending on where we end up having the reception, the cake might be covered by a pastry chef at the resort.  The flowers, however, will likely fall upon my shoulders as I think we are going to choose a church wedding over a wedding at the resort which means no flowers included in the package...
Any suggestions??

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    I'm also planning a Big Island wedding - ours is in April 2011.  I'm leaving the vendors up to the resort, but I think many of them use Flowers by Heidi http://www.flowersbyheidi.net who you can order directly from.  The website has lots of examples. 

    I managed to fit in a trip back in March so if you have any questions about specific places, I checked out most of the resorts up the coast. 

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    Thanks - I will check out Flowers by Heidi and see what they offer. 

    This is "fast track" wedding planning - we'll be going there in January 2011 and haven't firmed anything up yet but barring unavailability at the preferred location, I don't think we'll have any troubles since it'll only be a max of 20 wedding guests... 
    Our current plan is to have the ceremony at the Mokuaikaua Church and the reception dinner at the Royal Kona resort.  The wedding coordinator at the resort is very friendly and easy to communicate with so I'm hoping the venue will be as nice as it looks in the pictures!!  If you have any comments or suggestions on either location, I'm all ears. 

    The church can provide a musician and I'm waiting to hear if the resort has a pastry chef who would handle the cake or if we're on our own for that as well.  Beyond that, we'll need 1 hour of photography (we'll be bringing our own professional photographer with us but he's the best friend of the groom so you can't exactly stand up with someone AND take pictures during the ceremony!) plus a videographer (just for the ceremony).  I think everything else is pretty much under control - oh - except for a hair/make-up person.  Any of your info that you think might help, please feel free to pass it along!!
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    I grew up on the Big Island and would recommend Kui and I florist in Hilo. They have always been very professional and make beautiful arrangements...I hope that helps: )

    Ivette & J.L. Kahala Resort, Oahu June, 30, 2011
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