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bridesmaid and not matron of honor?

I am in a friends wedding this year as her Maid of Honor. She doesn't have many long term/close friends and her bridal party consists of her grooms sisters/cousins and I. However, I was recently engaged and she is not going to be my matron of honor. I have girls that I have been closer friends with since high school. How do I tell her that she is not the matron of honor without her getting mad/upset?

Re: bridesmaid and not matron of honor?

  • Ask her to be a bridesmaid.  She'll be thrilled to stand up for you, and if she's any sort of friend at all, she'll understand.
  • I am in my friends wedding this weekend, and She was a bridesmaid in my wedding, and I am her Matron of Honor. I think she will understand about not being your MOH, but she should be included in the bridal party....
  • You don't tell her she's not a MOH because then that opens up the "Why not?" question.  When you're ready to ask your BP (which should be about 9 months before your wedding date), and you want her to be a part of your wedding, just ask her to be a BM.  WPs are not tit-for-tat.  
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    'I hope you will be a bridesmaid in my wedding,' should do it.
  • Thanks everyone! I'm going to send out packages to my girls asking them to take on their specific roles! Hopefully everything will go smoothly!
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