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Michigan-Grand Rapids

Distance from Church to Reception

Need some opinions here ladies,

So I have found my dream reception spot!  Problem is it’s like 45 minutes away from the church me and my fiancé belong to and were planning on being married at. I am planning on a 3 o clock wedding with the reception not beginning until 6. Normally in my family between weddings we find a half-way point to meet and have drinks, etc. While the wedding party takes photos and such.  Most of my family is from the area where the reception is but my fiancé’s family is from the area the church is. I just can’t decide if I should give up on my reception site or not? I don’t want to inconvenience my family but at the same time it really is exactly what I am looking for. HELP!

Re: Distance from Church to Reception

  • Hmmmm, tough one!  I've been to a wedding where the ceremony and reception were just about that far apart and we got lost travelling and it was a bit of a pain.  And if you're trying to convenience family, even if they live by one or the other - they're still attending both!

    On the other hand, I didn't have a "dream reception site" I went with what was pretty good and most of all within the budget, everyone else was either way out of my range or their staff was rude, so my decision was easy although it wasn't a love at first sight like you'd have with your dress. If you think you're going to regret not having your reception at your dream site, and can't find anything else closer (have you looked?) do it!  I don't resent that couple for making us travel all over on their wedding day, because both venues were awesome!
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