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September 2012 Weddings

Looks like fun: Walkability

I saw this on another board and thought it looked like fun! Since we ladies are from all over the country (plus Canada!), I thought it would be fun to post the "walk score" of our neighborhood. Just go to www.walkscore.com and type in your address. Then post your walk score and public transportation score (if it gives you one). 

I live in downtown Philadelphia and scored at 95/100 walk score and 100/100 transportation score. This makes sense given that FI and I both don't own cars lol. There's a TON of stuff around us and I pretty much walk everywhere or take a cab when I need to (I prefer a cab over the bus/subway). We also joined Philly Car Share (rent a care by the hour) for when we have a bigger trip that we need to do or some kind of place we need to get to in the suburbs. So far this has been WAY cheaper than buying a car, but I still feel like we will eventually need to. 

My parents live in the suburbs where I grew up and scored a 32. Pretty car dependent area. 
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Re: Looks like fun: Walkability

  • You must have ventured to E... congrats! :)  See, it ain't all bad.  My specific address is about a 37 but a few minutes down the road is an 82.  The other two towns where we would LOVE to move to are in the 80s... of course that's if you live right in the center of town. 
  • My specific address says None lol It did find it on the map though, that was nice to see :P

    So I searched the closest little town to me, its like a 15 min drive away
    Walkability - 73
  • Conshohocken scored an 80 for walkability, not bad for a Philly suburb.  It makes sense though, I bought my house three years ago and I was specifically looking for a location that I could walk to bars, restaurants, running trails, and the train line to Philly.
  • Where I live is a 2 out of 100. I am pretty much in the middle of nowhere lol But i wouldn't trade my country home not anything in the world. Work enough in the city that I like being able to come home and its peaceful. Can't wait until we start breaking the other two horses so I can have more of an excuse to ride straight after work. :)
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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/wedding-club-boards_september-2012-weddings_looks-like-fun-walkability?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Wedding%20Club%20BoardsForum:a464c18c-2e4d-469b-8eae-3865079cb9cfDiscussion:78d1737d-e7b4-4b08-b518-5a7981b15e91Post:38aa4f56-af33-4a45-b7c0-7adeaa7327fa">Re: Looks like fun: Walkability</a>:
    [QUOTE]You must have ventured to E... congrats! :)   
    Posted by lbarr088[/QUOTE]

    <div>HAHA. See, I like the E board. Yeah those girls are tough, but they will only rip you to shreads if you post a stupid idea. And brides come up with a lot of stupid, stupid ideas. </div>
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  • I'm moving from a 96 to a 20. I'm pretty bummed.
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  • Mine is a 78, but I would never be able to make it to work without my car, even with public transportation!
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  • My little Philly 'burb got at 45.  I don't currently have a car (workin on it!) and walk just about everywhere... except there are not a lot of streets with sidewalks and the majority of the people here drive everywhere.  I'm honestly surprised the score isn't lower.

    The town I went to college in (Athens, GA- home of the University of Georgia) got a 69, which I think is total bull because you can literally take a bus anywhere or walk- I didn't have a car at all in the 4 years I lived there and got around just fine.
  • My house got a 45. I would never be able to get to work without a car though. When it breaks down on me, I do have to walk to the grocery store, but walking in my town is not the norm. We're pretty rural. 
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  • Haha - I just tried my old address for fun... it got a ZERO. It was on a gravel road 7 miles to the nearest town and surrounded by cows, corn, and soybeans. 
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  • My town got a 2.  Not surprising for a middle of nowhere cow-town!
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  • I got an 82! Woohoo and the funny thing is I do love the area and I do walk/run the area. But it's more for exercise than anything. Thanks smartlypretty for showing this site!

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  • Our current place is an 85, but it feels like the boonies compared to our last place (89).  We're a block or two from the burbs, and commute downtown.  Chicago is a big city, spacewise.  Our typical commute is a little over an hour by car, or closer to an hour and a half by bus/train.  We'll be there for no more than a year after the wedding, since we're saving up $$ to buy a place.  Location kind of stinks, but free rent is awesome.
  • I got a 51. Although that's kind of crap. It says I could walk to places like the move theater, but that's not ever going to happen. I'd have to walk down almost 5 miles of BUSY interstate. No way! Plus it says "shopping" is a flower shop. Really? Now, there is a WalMart, BiLo, and Publix within very close walking distance so we do walk around there. I could walkt o work, but I'm lazy and I'd have to cross a very busy road to do so. They pretty much have to cross walks. I'm not doing that shizz.
  • City is a 65 but our neighborhood is a 91. We share a car and still only move it maybe once or twice a week so that doesn't surprise me. We wouldn't live in an area where this wasn't true unless we moved all the way out to the country. There's no middle ground for us. 

    I'm definitely planning on using this if we move out of state next year and need to scope out apartments in a city we're less familiar with. 
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  • i live in the chicago suburbs and i got a 42. i live like a mile from our "downtown" area but eh, there's not a ton there (movie theater, some nicer restaurants, a few boutique shops, a panera, a starbucks, a grocery store, a bank, and the train station)
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