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One itty bitty vent...sort of.

Hi all -

Happy One Year Countdown!

So...I just need to get a quick vent out to anyone really willing to listen.  FI and I have had our venue booked since Spring of this year.  I come to find out this morning that our original coordinator has not been with the venue since May/June.  And this was brought to my attention only after I sent an email to the no-longer-employed person (with follow-up) asking for a date when we need our 2nd large installation payment to be month.

Needless to say, I saw a bit of red.  The new coordinate apologized and said that she called "everyone" who had booked to alert them of the staffing change.  I quickly reminded her that I did not recieve a call.  She also had the nerve to start blaming me for not getting the message if she did call.  I didn't even acknowledge that comment and let it slide.  Gave her assurance of the bad taste in my mouth and how we booked with them because of the attention to details and non "wedding factory" atmosphere.  If I wanted that type of wedding, we could have gone to a bunch of other places and given them our money.

I did come around and reinforce that I don't want this first conversation to set the tone for the rest of the planning period though.  FI and I will be meeting with her next month to hand over a check (sigh) and talk about what the heck is going on.  I dunno...this place is amazing and I couldn't see the wedding anywhere else.  I just can't believe how this played out.  I know we're not the only ones getting married but, sheesh, looking at their schedule they would see us and our cleared deposit payment.

Maybe I have too high expectations?  Maybe not?  Either way, I just had to get it out and will now be moving forward...

Re: One itty bitty vent...sort of.

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    Sorry that happened to you. Hopefully your meeting next month will go well.  Maybe you'll get lucky and this will be the worst thing to happen during your planning proces? Trying to find the bright side for ya.  Good luck!
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