St. Cloud Questions!

So I am looking for a few things in the St. Cloud area and I need some help!

First, I am looking for ideas of where to have the rehearsal dinner? I am going to have about 40 people so it has to be somewhere that takes reservations. I would like somewhere moderately priced as well. 

I am also looking for somewhere to do hair and make-up for me and the wedding party... Again, somewhere in St. Cloud is needed.

I would appreciate any help I could get! Thanks!

Re: St. Cloud Questions!

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    Hey- I am getting married in St. Cloud. My Mom is in charge of the RD.
    But as for advice --
    Mi Famgilia is amazing! I know they have separate room for big parties. But I don't know their $.

    My Cousin did theirs at Famous Daves- although we didn't get our own room we got a corner to our selves ... separate tables though.

    I know the 400 Club does bigger parties too. Nice scenery too.
    Antone's is another but I think they are spendy.
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    Oh as for hair I was in a Wedding that used Regis Girls they are $30 and do a great job.
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    I would second the Mi Famiglia - unfortunately they closed last weekend  :-( 

    I know Antons has a room for dinners, etc.. and they have great food and a fun atmosphere. 

    If you're looking for something a little more upscale, Cafe Renaissance has a room that seats 50 and their food rocks!
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