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Have you been to this store: Madame Bridal Store?

Hi Ladies,

I'm trying to help my future SIL out. I found the dress she wants and this store has a great price on it. I live in IL and wanted to know if this is a legit store and whether we should buy the dress here? My future SIL lives in Australia and I found the same dress in IL, but it was more expensive.


Any responses would be much appreciated.


Re: Have you been to this store: Madame Bridal Store?

  • I looked at their website and they are actually in Boynton, which is Palm Beach area- you will have better luck if you post this in the South Florida section!
  • I got the dresses for my bridesmaids there. It is in the Boynton Mall. It is a legit store. They have prom/party/bridesmaid dresses. They order it through the computer there and then it gets mailed directely too you. They actually have a larger selection of dresses there then some of the smaller shops. It isn't upscale, but was easy to pop in and try on dresses.
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