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Are you doing anything special for your "Out Of Town" guests? A welcome basket, a special meal an outing/activity of bowling or dancing maybe?

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    [QUOTE]Are you doing anything special for your "Out Of Town" guests? A welcome basket, a special meal an outing/activity of bowling or dancing maybe?
    Posted by Shifsgirl[/QUOTE]

    <div>The VAST majority of our guests will be OOT.. some from across the country, others just a 2-3 hour drive. So I'm hoping we'll be able to do something great for them to make the trip worth their while. My family usually invites the whole family to the rehearsal dinner. Definitely a welcome basket at the hotel (my mom is already thinking up ideas, she said she'd love to put them together as long as the coordinator is the one in charge of physically delivering them to the hotel which shouldn't be a problem)... </div><div>
    </div><div>Also my godmother has generously offered to give me a bridal luncheon, which.. I can't remember what day that is, I guess that Friday? So the OOT ladies would probably be invited to that, and maybe the men can be pointed in the direction of some golf courses? :)  </div><div>
    </div><div>But yes it's definitely a huge consideration for me. FI and I are always OOT when we attend weddings basically... it's a tiny bit stressful when it isn't made easy for OOT-ers, especially because where he is from, most people aren't OOT.</div>

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    pinterest, obvi.

  • We actually found the hotel we want for them this weekend. We picked it bc there is an applebees, pizza place, bagel place and convenence store within walking distance that you can see from the hotel. That way oot wont have to drive anywhere to find things. We are having dinner for them the night before. We are having brunch the next day and probably something that night. Of course we are doing welcome baskets. And we are also have shuttles for them and anyone else who stays at the hotel from the hotel to the reception and back. Im sure we will plan other things but that is the plan for now. I feel bad bc most of the time family comes they stay with us and we get a houseful. We both have huge families and we are all close. But they cant this time bc we need my house to get ready. And all the girls are staying at my house the night before. My FI will go to his parents.
  • We'll definitely do welcome baskets. The majority of our guests are OOT family, so. Don't know if they'll be invited to the RD yet-that'll be up to FMIL-but we'll likely ask FSIL if we can have a BBQ at her house(it's closer to the area we want to get married in than our house. Also, all the guys will likely go golfing both Friday and Saturday morning.
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  • I put a whole page on our wedding website with links to activities for that Friday night.  There's a shopping mall and movie theater just across from our hotel venue and I put links for movie times up on the website.  We are also doing a welcome bag with some waters, chapstick, lotion, and a few odd things since we're getting married in Colorado in the winter :)
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