Homemade sola flower bouquet - opinions, please

Hi everyone,

I'll start off by saying that I'm not generally all that crafty but I'm very resourceful and for our upcoming wedding I was thinking I'd rather use an alternative to fresh flowers given the cost of most florists and the fact that we're getting married out of state. That makes arranging them myself a little tricky. I love the look of sola flowers, so I thought I'd try my hand at making bridesmaids bouquets - what do you think? I want our wedding to be unique, so I'm fine with this being a less common type of bouquet but I want to make sure nothing looks tacky. I'll definitely be adjusting the way the stems are wrapped, so please ignore that. 

Thank you!!


Re: Homemade sola flower bouquet - opinions, please

  • That turned out beautifully. Congrats!
  • Are your colors pink, purple and navy? That's what I'm getting from the bouquet- which turned out super pretty, btw. Is this a bouquet for a bridesmaid, or for the birde? To me it looks like a bridesmaid bouquet- the only thing I would change for the bride is to maybe add some sprays or smaller flowers of your ribbon (navy?) to make it stand out more. :)
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  • Thanks ladies! Yes, it's meant for the bridesmaids and our colors are navy and lavender but I'm peppering in a variety of shades of purple for interest. My bouquet will be whites and creams because my dress will really be the focal point. The colors in the picture are a lot more vibrant than they are in person, it's just how the iphone captured it. Thanks for the suggestions Amsdragonfly, I think I'll look into some accents to add to the bouquet :)
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