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DO NOT USE ALFRED ANGELO! i wish someone told me this before i decided to get my bridesmaid's dresses from them! their customer service is awful & they dont even care that they are terrible! i am in the middle of getting this whole thing situated but i just need to vent to you ladies!! 

where are you all getting your dresses? and how was your experience?


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    I got mine at Mariposa Boutique in Anaheim. My experience was great.

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    i used davids in redlands... and they were great. the davids in riverside was okay too, but their customer service is not as good as the one in redlands.
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    The Alfred Angelo in Rancho Cucamonga is a nightmare!!! My mom ordered her MOB dress there and it came in WAY too big. They were going to charge more than the cost of the dress to alter it. Then they said that some parts of it weren't able to be altered and it was supposed to look like that. It was HUGE! There was no way it was supposed to be that baggy! They were completely unhelpful and one of the employees even told us to go get it altered somewhere else. 
    I got my bridesmaid dress there for my sisters wedding (Alfred Angelo in LA) and had no issues, but my sister, who also ordered hers there, at the same time, had problems. They called her and almost yelled at her for not picking her dress up and said they were going to ship it back if she didn't come and get it within 24 hours. But nobody ever called her and told her that her dress ever arrived at the store! 
    Overall, I would say that AA is great for brides, but they have issues when it comes to everyone else. 
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    I got my wedding dress at Alfred Angelo in Rancho Cucamonga and it was wonderful.  I didn't have an appointment and they were busy but they helped me, listened to what I actually wanted, and I found the perfect dress.  On the other hand, the Alfred Angelo in Riverside was a nightmare.  I went there twice, once for bridesmaids dresses and once to look at shoes.  We walked in to look at bridesmaids dresses and they lady told us that since we didn't have an appointment we couldn't even browse and we needed to leave.  She was the rudest person I have ever met, she gave some excuse about being short staffed but would not let us even look, we were just looking to browse, we didn't ask to try anything on.  So we went across the street to David's bridal and got the bridesmaids dresses there.
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    I have to agree with all the anti-Alfred Angelo posts!  I ordered my wedding dress, BM dresses and MOB dress there. So far, I ordered a yard of lace so I could make straps for my dress for church. I was thinking I was going to get a decent width to make a good sized strap. I got the most pathetic little piece of lace for $40.  My MOH was charged an extra $25 to add 3 inches of length to her dress. They wouldn't charge someone 3 inches larger around $25, so why should they charge you for being taller??  Then they didn't give my sister the discount she was supposed to get like the rest of the bridesmaids.  I've been waiting over 16 weeks for my dress and never got a phone call, so I finally walked in and asked where my dress was and they told me they called and they never heard anything from me and had put it up in stock in the backroom.  God knows if anyone else was allowed to try my dress on! I say this because when I was there looking for my dress initially, they let me try on a dress that supposedly a bride decided she didn't want, for whatever reason.  There was a ginormous lipstick stain on it and they tried to sell it to me! You can bet I fully inspected my dress today when I went to pick it up. They wouldn't even let me try my dress on until I paid for it!  I've already told my bridesmaids to make sure they call the store as soon as they estimate their dresses are supposed to be in, because AA sure as hell won't remember to do it. SOOO unacceptable.
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