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Where to find a dress?

My wedding is still awhile away- but I figured I should start looking early!  I don't want to go the David's route, where are some good places to start looking for a dress...

I've also been thinking about making a roadtrip to Kleinfeld's(love Say Yes to the Dress)  has anyone else done this?? Is it worth it or are there nice places in Buffalo?

Re: Where to find a dress?

  • you can find a LOT in buffalo.  i'd suggest not going to kleinfelds - way too expensive.  i also HATED david's. too commercial, and to be honest, the dresses felt cheap for the price.

    I found mine at Bridal Chateau.  I'd reccomend checking them out as well as Bridals by D, and MA Carr.  All 3 places have a really good variety of dress styles.
  • I'm not sure if this will help because i think I'm an oddity; but I fell in love with a Justin Alexander dress I saw online. I started my search by looking at what designers the stores in the Buffalo area carried then looked at their collections to see if anything grabbed me I'm having more of an informal wedding so I was looking for a tealength dress. I called every store that carries his designs from Buffalo to Erie to Toronto to Rochester trying to find this specific style of dress. Everyone told me they don't/won't carry it until I got a hold of Heart to Heart Bridal North in Webster just north of Rochester. Out of over 8 stores they were to first to offer the information that Justin Alexander does a loan program where if you pay a certain amount they will loan the dress to a store for you to try it on then possibly order it which I did because I fell in love with it even more after I tried it on! So for me, online browsing led to the perfect dress without having to go to a billion stores get overwhelmed with all the options.
  • Agree! David's bridal gowns look pretty cheap. I got my at Alfred Angelo. Service was nice. No pressure. I think I had about six dresses picked out. I eliminated three that day. Few days later I came back and tried my favorites and made my big decision.
  • The three store that gym recommend would be the 3 I would recommend as well. MA Carr being the one I choose because I felt less pressured there and felt the girls were more helpful. You don't need to go to NYC to find your dress.
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  • I actually got my dress at David's and had a great experience. I loved the dress and couldn't have been happier with it. I had my alterations done elsewhere. 
  • I just went shopping in Buffalo from out of town. I went to bridal chateau and found they had a very small selection. I didn't like many of the dresses they had, most of them seemed pretty dated. The woman helping me was okay but not very warm or friendly. I went to Victoria's Bridal and they had a large selections of Justin Alexander and Allure. The staff at Victoria's was warmer and more helpful with the ideas I gave them. I liked everything I tried on there but ended up chosing something from David's Bridal. I never thought I would buy something from David's Bridal because I also thought the dresses would look cheap. But they have a huge selection. I tried on dresses from $300 to $1400. I ended up getting something on the high end of that range that I fell in love with even though at that point I was planning to go back to Victoria's and get the Justin Alexander I liked. It was very similar to a Justin Alexander I had tried on but actually fit me better and was $650 dollars cheaper. The quality seemed very similar to the higher end gowns I was trying on in the 2000+ range. I was always down on DB before I went there but the woman seeing me was so helpful.  In the previous stores, I was given my fair share of time. At DB, the woman was with me for 3 1/2 hours and I never felt pushed out the door. Also, compared to DB the other stores in the area have a very limited selection. 
  • I loved Julianas in Rochester. They have a wonderful selection of dresses. I almost bought my dress there until I found out it was the exact same dress another friend had. I would have gone back, but wanted to go shopping with my mom in NJ and I found something there.

    I would not go to Kleinfeld's. I lived just outside of NYC my whole life until a few months ago and everyone that goes there has a horrible experience. It is nothing like the show. It is crowded and everyone is herded in and out like cattle, and pressured to buy on the spot. Read their reviews online. Almost every one is bad.
  • I don't know if it's tacky or not but go the classic route. Look in antique stores or even Thrifty stores I tell you some stores have brand new never worn gowns that are amazing!

    Or do you have someone in your family Like MOM OR GRANDMA with a dress you love? It's always awesome to see a dress from decades ago. I have my grandma's dress from 1956 and I don't plan on changing any of it. It's amazing and in great shape!!

    Just a few suggestions.... Hope this helps?
  • I had a good experience with David's Bridal. I went in with a large list of dresses I liked and I had Lynelle help me. She's FANTASTIC!!! I honestly think it depends who works with you.

    I hadn't even planned to choose a dress the day I went in, but about five dresses in, I found it! It really depends on what you're looking for, but if you have the right help, David's is pretty good. Just my opinion.
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