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3 Complaints.

Yeah, I'm going to biitch here for a second.  Feel free to join in, mock me or ignore me.

1)  I still don't look pregnant AT ALL.  I feel like everyone that knows I'm pregnant keeps looking at my stomach like "uh, I think you are a liar, and you are not pregnant."

2)  We went to a baseball game last night, and when we got home around 10, our smoke alarm was beeping for the battery to be changed.  We don't have a ladder high enough to reach it, and it was too late for the office to be open (obviously).  So, we had to listen to it beep every few minutes all night long.  I slept through it, but it made my dog all crazy.  He's so scared and I feel awful for him :(

3)  My boss is out of town, so we have another person handling her stuff basically.  This person is totally incompetent and already screwed up one of my accounts today.  I wish my boss wouldn't put her in charge just because she's the most senior. 

Ok, I feel better. 
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Re: 3 Complaints.

  • Oh my gosh Pink, thats terrible!! WTH was she thinking??
  • I've never had grits.
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  • that is terrible pink, i'm sorry. i wouldn't give her a dime.

    my complaints are all about this rain..i can't stand it anymore!

  • shannyn, I feel like we have that in common. FI once accused me of giving him a purple nurple and then sticking my finger in his ear all while I was sleeping.  I had NO idea! 
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  • annakb8annakb8 member
    In Response to <a href="">Re: 3 Complaints.</a>:
    [QUOTE]Exactly. You love me, we're buds. SUCK IT UP. Oh and I should add: I'm a naked friend. I don't care if you see me nekkid. I'm not hiding in a bathroom or closet so you don't see me in my bra. You'll be okay. lol. I have no boundaries when it comes to my best friends lol. I'm sure they appreciate it, ha.
    Posted by LDYGTR13[/QUOTE]

    I'm a naked friend too, and kind of a naked person in general. I don't really care if people see me change, I just turn around so they don't get a full frontal view.

    My freshman roommate changed in the bathroom EVER SINGLE TIME while we were living together. We even had a walk in closet she could have changed in, and she STILL went to the bathroom. I bet she changed in the bathroom even when I was in class or home for the weekend.
  • Oh my god, TK, get your shiit together. How is it possible that we have these time warps with this kind of regularity?!
  • Okay so you guys don't think I should give her the donation?  I feel bad because I pledged money towards the dog and I don't want to go back on my word but she pledged (by adopting him) to be his forever home & take on his vet bill/medical issues and give him a long, happy life.  My donation was to be put towards that life, not his death. 
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  • In Response to <a href=" BoardsForum:9Discussion:7e9fb883-41a9-476c-ac46-9a97b7e76d51Post:6c7ff633-0feb-4036-aed3-69331ec67e3b">Re: 3 Complaints.</a>:
    [QUOTE]Me no like grits. And I its not a texture thing b/c I love oatmeal and cream of wheat. H can eat them if he loads them up with all sorts of sweet things.
    Posted by MissySue20[/QUOTE]

    I love grits but HATE Cream of Wheat, so I sort of see what you mean.
  • Pink that is awful. What a wench. I wouldn't give her a single penny, and I'd tell her exactly why. Your donation was to go towards the dog's care, not his death, so she gets nothing. And I'd probably tell her to do the dog's a favor and not adopt any more of them.
  • Pink, I definitely wouldn't give her the money. Nothing you can do for the dog now!!

    Why'd she take it to the E-vet?

  • In Response to <a href="">Re: 3 Complaints.</a>:
    [QUOTE]Okay so you guys don't think I should give her the donation?  I feel bad because I pledged money towards the dog and I don't want to go back on my word but she pledged (by adopting him) to be his forever home & take on his vet bill/medical issues and give him a long, happy life.  My donation was to be put towards that life, not his death. 
    Posted by pinkpinot[/QUOTE]
    I don't think you owe her a dime.  She did the exact opposite of what she pledged to do. 
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  • Alright, she isn't getting a dime from me.  She was just banned from the facebook group that saves death row dogs because of the stunt she pulled.  Now I don't feel bad.
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  • Pink, that makes me want to cry. I wouldn't give her a dime.
  • Awww, Kiki.  A lot of women don't really start to show until around 20 weeks or so, especially if it's a first baby.

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  • My best friend is pregnant and she hasn't shown much either. Her doctors have told her that she probably won't get that big.
  • That beeping would have drove me batty.  Kudos, friend, for sleeping through it.
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  • It's OK that you do not look pregnant - some women carry babies deeper into their pelvic region, so they do not show a baby bump - that is likely what your body is doing. 

    Before you know it, it will be there for everyone to see!

    That sucks about the smoke alarm battery - damn annoying!

    I have a bitch/bridezilla/dammit why did this have to happen now:  I just found out while walking into work today that my MOH, who is also making my wedding cake, got rushed to the hospital to have gall bladder surgery yesterday!

    She will have the surgery tonight and go home tomorrow.  I know this is bitchy, but with a month out literally, I need to formulate a Plan B for my cake, which really f***in sucks, since I was only planning to have to pay for the ingredients, not buy a cake!  I am not blaming her, it is not her fault, it is just frustrating.
  • You're pretty. We love you. You have a tiny robot in your belly - I speak for everyone (EVERYONE) here when I say we're all excited for you. 8 days til we know if we're aunts or uncles to baby bot! YAY!

    I repeat: You're pretty. <3
  • WildRumpusWildRumpus member
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    Ugh, I'm sorry Kiki. We're both too short to change the lightbulbs in our apartment, even with a stepladder. I'm going to have to call mantenence to come change them.

    All of mine are wedding related:
    1. I'm getting B-pics done this weekend and I feel like a total fatty

    2. I had what was suppossed to be my last dress fitting today, but instead of bringing my dress home, I have to go back for one more fitting on June 1st, 3 days before the wedding.

    3. I'm ready to throw all these stupid cupcake fans out the effing window.

  • 1) I waited over an hour to be seen for my appointment today

    2) I have a caffeine headache

    3) I meant to get iced tea out of the vending machine but pressed ginger ale instead
  • 1.My first pregnancy I didn't look pregnant until 7 months. 7 f'in months. I was hit on at a party at 8 months, wearing one of those Old Navy performance fleece sweaters, and the sober guy had NO CLUE I was pregnant. So I totally feel your pain!

    2.I wouldn't have been able to deal with that. at all. I would've made Fi run out and buy a darn ladder LOL.

    3. Incompetence sucks.


    I'm annoyed at the etsy lady whose supposed to be doing my flowers because she's taking FOREVER to respond. 

    I'm annoyed at my month board for implying I don't trust my FI because I think strippers are...disrespectful.

    I'm sick and tired of this rainy weather!

  • Georgia, there is a facebook group that tries to save dogs that are going to be killed in NY for stupid things like catching a cold.  The details they release on the dogs are minimal and all we knew was Seth was 10 years old and had hip pain (for that, he was going to die).  There was also mention on his sheet that he ingested poison so a lot of people wanted to get him out of there and that's why he was taken to the vet right away when idiot adopted him.  He did not ingest poison, luckily and possibly needed surgery to remove a mass on his hip.  The vet said he had a lot of fight left in him and could definitely live a good life for a couple more years. 

    Idiot placed an adoption hold on Seth which meant that nobody else (adopter or rescue) could pull Seth from the shelter.  We had a rescue that was willing to pull Seth and had a foster home lined up.  The rescue couldn't get him because Idiot placed an adoption hold on him and then never went to pick him up.  Can you believe that?  So of course this caused outrage on the fb page and I'm assuming that is the reason why she finalized the adoption the next day.  To prove to everyone that she was going to save him.  If a rescue had pulled him, they would have paid his medical bills and of course people would have donated to that.  The reason I didn't drive down there and get him myself was because I knew I couldn't afford his vet bills, whatever they may be.  I don't know why the idiot thought she could afford to adopt him.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: 3 Complaints.</a>:
    [QUOTE]In Response to Re: 3 Complaints. : It's always so interesting to find that someone else is going through the exact same thing. I hope things get better for you in this situation. My wedding is more than a year away, but I'm certain I finally got through to BM (mostly due to FI's help). FI had a heart to heart about how it makes both of us feel and he said he'd never jepordize their friendship by having strippers when both of us are so against it. Hope you can have the same kind of thing happen.
    Posted by midgetthemighty[/QUOTE]
    I think we did, thanks! I "nagged and policed" by sending BM (who is also my friend) a message letting him know that naked women were not ok, he assured me that there wouldn't be. He really wants me to hook him up with one of my friends though, so I'm not sure how much that played into it LOL.
  • My whole body feels like one big pile of ache.

    I have no desire to figure anything out for dinner tonight, but I'm going to have to if I want to eat, since H has class tonight and won't be here.

    I can't think of a third thing to really complain about, so I guess my day isn't going quite so badly.

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  • Kiki, I wouldn't worry too much about not showing. I know you probably want people to see that you are pregnant, but as long as you & the baby are healthy, that is all that matters, right?

    Here are my 3 complaints:

    1.) The weather here sucks a big one. It is damp and freaking cold. But I can't complain b/c for one, its Ohio and second, its home.

    2.) I wish H's job would stop jacking him around and working stupid long hours with little sleep. He only has less than 2 weeks to go, thank God.

    3.) I don't think this is really a complaint, but more of a worry. I am scared H won't find another good paying job as fast as we both hope & pray. But at least we won't be paying rent and can pay all of our bills okay on what I will be making.
  • I've met kikibot and I can confirm she is, in fact, pretty. :-D
  • Complaints:

    1. I weighed myself for the first time in over a year and it said I had only gained 1 pound. Awesome right? But why the hell do NONE of my clothes fit. NONE. My pants are impossible to get in and I have all that muffin top peeking out. I think my scale is wrong but it is the same scale I have always used. :/ I do not want to buy another scale and it tell me I have gained 20 pounds cause that would be crappy too.

    2. I am so damn grumpy in the morning. Yes I am complaining because it is really a problem and I do not know why I do it, but my H always wants to kiss me goodbye right when I am trying to find clothes and I get outraged. I hate that I am so grumpy in the mornings to where I feel mad that he wants to kiss me, seriously? <--- terrible wife right here.

    3. ALL of my coworkers. I hate them. Our computers went down and all I have heard for the past two days is "so what's going on???" "how much longer!!??" "whyyyyyyyyy" and it is pissing me the hell off. We work in a small office and all of the tech crap is in MO. Why the hell would I know? And why the hell would I know something and not tell everyone when all you are doing is asking me every 5 minutes???
  • edited May 2011
    KiKi, when I was pregnant with my son, I didn't show until I was 6 months. With my daughter, I showed at about 3. It really depends. Just wait until you do start showing and people try to touch you. Maybe it's a good thing.

    ETA. and that beeping would have driven me CRAY CRAY! I would have gotten a broom and knocked it off the ceiling!!
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  • 1. I'm sorry you are frustrated about our lack of baby bump. Give it a couple of will happen. Then, in about month 8, you'll wish for the days when you had no bump. 

    2. That would annoy me to no end. Our alarms are hard wired and do not have batteries. So, when we lose power (which happens a lot since I live in the middle of nowhere) ALL of our smoke alarms beep every 5 minutes. Until the power comes back on. We lived through it for 10 days. The dog and cats went nuts.

    3. I hate it when incompetent people are in charge. 

    I hope your day gets better soon!!!
  • Oh yeah, and I am still really freaking tired. And the weather isn't helping any.
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