Cocktail Hour Apps?

Hi ladies! This is a question for past brides... especially those who got married at Eagle Eye/Hawk Hollow. We are trying to decide what to serve at our cocktail hour. Anyone have any suggestions specific to Eagle Eye? Are fruit/veggies, cheese/meat/crackers, bread enough for my guests? We will be eating dinner right after so I don't want them to spoil their appetites, but also want them to be satisfied :) What do people generally go for at cocktail hour? Thanks for your help :) 

Re: Cocktail Hour Apps?

  • If I were a guest I would like some hot hordourves as well.  I'm not a big fan of fruit/veggies at weddings for a few reasons.  The main one being that they're not always to freshest but it is also kind of annoying to stand in line when I'd prefer to be socializing.  Having a few people passing trays is a nice way to treat your guests.  Most places can stagger a small number of passed appetizers so it's not super expensive but also so people don't get too full.  I am always a fan of spinach puffs, bruschetta, chicken on a stick.  Nothing super fancy but something to munch on until the dinner.  
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