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Central Missouri - PeachTree Banquet Hall in Columbia

Do not waste your money having your reception here. The owner couldn't care less about your special day. He booked a sorority party in the other room of the reception hall on the same night of my wedding!! This made for lots of problems, some of my guests were cussed out, the girls were so drunk they stumbled through the hallway. We had grandparents and small nieces and nephew there! When we complained he pretty much told us too bad, so sad. not his problem since we already paid him. He was very shady about the whole thing, when we had asked what the other even was in the next room he told us it was a quiet club meeting and that they would be watching a movie. Ha, it was a bus load of underage drunk sorority/fraternity kids that hung out in the hallway all night. Having my reception at Peachtree ruined my wedding and the owner wouldn't even apologize and said he didn't know why I was making a big deal about it. I can't re-do my wedding, but I can warn other brides not to make the same mistake I made. We paid to much money to have a classy wedding and it was ruined because the owner didn't care about our wedding he just waned to make sure he made money.

Re: Central Missouri - PeachTree Banquet Hall in Columbia

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