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Deeres/Tricare Dependent Info

Could you ladies tell me if I need my new name paperwork to get my MIL ID and onto Tricare after we are married?

I know I need 2 forms of ID and the Marriage License, I think I need my DL, Passport etc with my new name on it. FI thinks it doesn't matter since my madien name should be on the Certificate.

Whats the right answer? LoL

Re: Deeres/Tricare Dependent Info

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    I went to the MEPS in Minneapolis and I needed a paper form that said I was enrolled in DEERS, DH did it on his base and sent it to me. I can't remember the form number.

    I had my DL, SS card, birth certifice and marriage certficate and that form. They only looked at my two forms of ID and the DEERS form.

    I called MEPS before I went (612) 725-1757  to be sure I had everything since I had a long drive to get there.
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    All I had with me when we went was our marriage license and my license that had my maiden name on it.  The military ID was one of the first things we took care of after getting married because it was the only thing that gave me instant ID in my married name.  I believe we were asked if I had already enrolled in Deers and she was able to look it up, but we didn't bring any proof of it.  And yes your maiden name is on the marriage license.
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    Thanks ladies! That is exactly what I was wondering. Hattie thanks for the # I'm going to save that! :)
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    My military ID was actually the easiest ID to get with my new name. We just had our marriage license and two forms of ID with my madien name on them. We actually did it two days after we got married so I could get enrolled in DEERS and TriCare. Once you're enrolled in DEERS, you will automatically be enrolled in TriCare Standard, but make sure your sponsor (husband) fills out the paperwork to get you enrolled in TriCare prime (the free one!), if that's what you want. We didn't realize that until we PCSed a month ago. HTH!
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