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Band And DJ Question

We have taken the plunge and are having both...I am curious for anyone who has done this, how did it work? Who played when?


Re: Band And DJ Question

  • kls114kls114 member
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    I have been to a couple weddings who have done both. My SIL's wedding was one of them. They usually have certain sets & work with each other based on what your wants & specifics are!

    I am sure everything will work out on both ends!!

    Congrats on the decision!!

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  • trix1223trix1223 member
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    Wow-to me that would seem to be a lot of money for essentially the duplication of services.  I'm not sure how a band AND a dj would be better than one or the other.
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  • CA2MT4EveRCA2MT4EveR member
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    Make sure your band is ok with having a dj.  Last summer I was in a wedding and the band said they would play the whole time, and they did.  4 hours with 1 15 minute break when they did the cake cutting and stuff.  Make sure they work ok with eachother
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    Both the DJ and Band are friends of our, and we want to showcase all of the above. Both are aware of eachother, and have actually done this before (not together). I am fine with only the DJ but FI really wants the band too...in my head it does seem a bit excessive but I know it has been done. We are paying total for both what it would have cost us for one if we didnt know them prior. 
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    We're a DJ company but we sometimes have clients who hire a band for the cocktail hour and dinner and then have the DJ play for dancing or alternate half -hour sets with the band during breaks.  Since your band and DJ know each other well, the DJ would probably be willing to provide the amplification and speakers for the band to plug their board into as well.  This will lighten the band's load during setup and make for less duplication of equipment on the stage.  The DJ can play hot newer songs or any other tunes that the band might not know and the band can put their own signature on the night at the same time.  It should work out fine!


    Newton Wells / PeakDJ.com

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    I agree with Newton.  It should work out fine.

    The main key is to make sure everyone knows when they're playing.  I've seen this done where the DJ plays only during band breaks, and I've also seen it where they have completely separate sets.

    In my opinion...  it works best to allow the DJ to do introductions and music during cocktail hour, dinner and activities (cutting the cake, bouquet toss, etc.), and having the band kick it up when it's time to dance.

    Then, when the band takes a break, a DJ can add a nice change of pace/rhythm to the whole evening to accommodate those who prefer different types of music.

    Congratulations on your wedding!
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