Ocean-Side Wedding Venue


I'm looking for a ceremony+reception area somewhere on a nice rocky beach, preferably on a cliff-side (meaning, that the ceremony site is not on sand but still faces the ocean). The budget is 10k or less (preferably 5k or less) for the location+catering (should include linens and chairs). The wedding has to be in mid-May, so preferably not a place that gets too cold during that season. In general, there is also a preference for a place that faces East, across the ocean. I'm from a foreign country and our second ceremony abroad is going to be on the ocean, facing West toward the US, so we'd like the one in the US to face East.

Can anyone recommend a place?

(Note: This post is going to show up in several local boards because we're portable across almost all of the East Coast region between MA and MD)



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