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How should I do my hair for my wedding day.

I've been growing out my hair for years and it's super long I always wear my hair down and i'm most comfortable with it that way. but when I wear my hair up my fiance always tells me how much he loves it so I have no clue what to do. HELP!

Re: How should I do my hair for my wedding day.

  • You should wear it the way you feel more comfortable. However, another soultion is wear it half up and half down.

  • Of course you should be comfortable on your wedding day- do not compromise there. But for me, my thought process is that when I am walking down the asile, and my fiance sees me in my gown with my hair and makeup done, I want to see his jaw drop! :) My hair is very very long as well- past my tail bone and he loves it. He too has made comments about how he loves when I put it up - although he also loves it down.
    If I was you, I would definitely wear it up- you will get that shock and aww expression from him as well as your guests because they do not see it that way as often. But like I said, first and foremost, you have to be comfortable. I will try to attach a style or two I am considering. Also are you planning to have an outside wedding? If so Up is definitely the way to go due to the elements which can cause frizz throughout your day and make your photos look, less perfect. Remember, if you start with it up, you can always let it down as the event progresses- but it is most unlikely you will stop to put it up. Make sense? :)

    I hope this was helpful!


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    Have up half down is always a good option!  Perhaps have it covering your ears and "tendrils" around your face, and the sides pulled back and kept low in a barette (sp)? 

    I am like you in that I always wear my hair down (always!) and I'm most comfortable with it that way.  Even though your fiance likes it up, you should do what is most comfortable for you.  You don't want to be self-conscious or uncomfortable on your wedding day.
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