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Engagement party games?

We are having an engagement party in a few weeks. My mom is throwing it, its going to be casual, mainly for families and friends to get to know each other, it's going to be in our backyard.... Should we have games? And if yes what are some ideas? I was thinking of sending around journals for people to give us "words of wisdom" but I don't know if we should do something else. Thanks!
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Re: Engagement party games?

  • I've been to a BBQ type engagement party that had games like bags and darts and stuff available.  But, in that case, it was just like any other BBQ.

    I tend to think wedding-related games are really lame.
  • I would skip wedding-theme games. If it's a BBQ, and you have games you'd normally have, like lawn bowling or horse shoes or something, that's fine ...

    I mean, you know your guests better than any of us, so you might know that your crowd loves things like that. But I know in my social circle if everybody's having a good time, somebody cutting the music and saying "Ok, everybody, we're going to play Bridal Bingo" or something is a buzzkill.

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