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We set a date....

On when he has to propose... he actually asked 'when the deadline' was.

Ok I know that sounds like I am pressuring him. 
But really it is a decision we are making together.

We talked about getting married a year ago  and ordered the e ring. I will pick it up from the US in December.

After he proposes we will go and get married in court the following week and then apply for immigration to the US for him. 

We are moving back to the US in August,  and immigration papers take around 3 months. (NOTE 3 months is incredibly fast for processing of marriage papers, but because I am a legal resident of Norway I can do everything at the American Embassy in Norway which speeds up the process).

Anyway I told him that really we should be getting engaged no later than March since we have to submit the immigration papers shortly after.

My work is sending me to the US in March, we agreed before my trip would be the deadline..meaning I will get to show off my ring to my parents in March and I will get a proposal sometime between January-March. :)

 I know for other people this is not the way they would want it, but it works perfectly for my bf and me.

Re: We set a date....

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    This may sound dumb, but if you guys have ordered a ring that you're picking up, didn't some sort of proposal, ie you agreed to marry, already happen?

    But I absolutely sympathize on the immigration stress - my bf and I are both in grad school and know we can't afford to marry for a bit, but when we do, since he's Russian and can't even visit the US as a tourist without a visa, we will pretty much have to have a civil wedding here in Germany in order for him to be able to attend the "reception" that my very Southern mom can't live without.

    If your FI is Norwegian, then at least they won't be too nasty to him at the consulate, seeing as he is eligible for the Schengen visa, right? I always got the impression that for EU/ Schengen country residents, the visa situation is more of an annoying bureaucratic formality.
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    That's really exciting. I kinda agree with yellowrose, but I think what you mean is that you get the offical "story" at that deadline.

    Congrats in advance.
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