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March 2012 Weddings

The start of my wedding planning

Hello! I know and understand that a big part of wedding planning is deciding on a budget. I have no clue were to start with coming up with a budget. My FI and I decided on $10,000 at first but is that enough? HELP!!!
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Re: The start of my wedding planning

  • No one can really tell you if that's enough.  It depends on several factors: where you live, what type of wedding you want, etc.   You and your FI could start by getting ideas and doing research in your area to see what weddings cost.  I know here in Northern Jersey $10,000 wouldn't get you very much.

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  • Yeah, that is so true. I was worried about not having a budget, because most soon to be brides already have their budget in place. I will be getting married in south MS, so that should be efficient. I will worry no longer J Thanks for the advice!
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    Hoboken is right.  Your budget is up to you.  I have been to weddings that cost $3000 and weddings that cost $50,000.  Both were a blast.  The amount of money that you spend will not dictate the better wedding.  Figure out what is important to you, i.e. photography, food, music, and spend your money wisely.

    As you plan, remember this--the wedding industry will tell you that you have to have certain things in order for your day to be perfect.  In reality, things like favors, chair covers,over-the-top centerpieces, oot bags and bathroom baskets are not necessary and can quickly add up in a budget.

    All you need to have is good food, good drinks, good people, the signed marriage license and the groom.  Everything else is gravy. Happy planning!

  • I know what you are going through! Another thing to do is consider what you are willing to make DIY projects. That is really going to keep you in budget! Consider making the bouquets & boutonnieres out of fabric, which when sprayed with watered down glue (lightly) can look like real flowers for 1/2 the cost!! also you don't have to spend money on preserving them! Also if you want grand centerpieces that cost pennies consider making them out of cheap, stacked up & glued fishbowls that are spray-painted in a metallic color then adding more personal touches to it! I am doing something like that based on a huge $300 vase that has (w/out flowers) cost me $50!! If you have any DIY project questions, just ask! I am a costume designer for the theatre, so doing crafty projects is my job!! Wish you the best of luck on your planning!

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  • FI and I are doing a weird budget. He gets really stressted whenever he has to think about how much money is actually being spent on something. So, we decided that instead of saving for everything, we are only budgeting for the big things like reception, photography, dress....anything over $1000 is included in our budget. All of the small costs, like favors and stuff, we will spend out of our regular money. I already bought my favors and have them paid for, and its one less thing I need to think about. This way makes it so much easier for us, and we would rather not know what we are spending in the end.
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  • Thanks everyone for all of the wonderful advice!!!
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  • Budget really depends on how many people and where you are having it. I have a budget of 15K and so far in planning we are easily under it so it hasn't been a problem. We are having 120 people and are doing the wedding in central nj.

    We picked a date of March 30, 2012 and I'm so glad to see others on here planning. I felt like it was too far away to be excited and you have all helped so much! Thanks!
  • This is all great advice.  I wouuld say, do NOT try to use the Kn$t's wedding budget calculator.  They include alllll kinds of [email protected] you don't need! 
    Just use an Excel spreadsheet to add up the various costs/quotes you get, to ensure you stay within your budget.

    Also, think about this: All you HAVE to do is sign the marriage license.  Everything else is EXTRA.  Ev.ery.thing.  So just figure out what you want (gathering at a restaurant? brunch reception? river cruise? someone's backyard? etc), and go with that.  Trust me it's much more "freeing" to think that way.  (For example, what I think we're doing is to have everything at a restaurant and get a band, which is still annoyingly expensive but...what I'm saying is, get rid of the "have to's!").

    Good luck! Don't let people pressure you in to stuff you don't need! Money mouth Just my $0.02.
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