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Results - Our new Daily Post Schedule

Ok Ladies, so you voted and here's what you had to say :)

- Martha Who? Monday hosted by mamameech
(As described by mamameech, who created this, this will her chance to focus on the DIY projects, posting tutorials, etc)

- Tasty Tuesday hosted by romamor
(This one also encompases the recipie exchange option. Each week romamor will pick a topic, ex Mexican, Crockpot, Rice, etc and we all post our favourite recipes for that topic)

Wednesday - Lunch and a Question hosted by agladhill
(Each week agladhill will choose a clicky poll style question for us to answer, and also to share what's for lunch that day)

Thursday -  Confession Thursday hosted by JohnsonK
(Each week JohnsonK will start a post where we can confess anything... whether its a something you thought but didn't want to say out loud, or how you feel about a certian person or something in society... no attacking other Knotties in this post or we will have to discontinue this one)

Friday - Frisky Friday hosted by junebug19
(Each week junebug19 will pick some sort of 'risque' topic for us to discuss)

Weekend - Accomplishments/Plans hosted by smartlypretty
(Each week smartlypretty will start a post where we can share what we've accomplished over the last week, and what we are planning to work on for the week to come)

Does that work for everyone? I tried to accomodate what everyone wanted as well as what was voted for. I did have more volunteers than days, so thank you to anyone that volunteered. If any of you are unable to do a day, just ask someone to post for you if possible and be your stand-in for that week Smile

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