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Venue for a winter 2013 wedding

Hey ladies!
I'm new to the Colorado board. So, a little about me... I'm Meghan and my FI is Brandon. The FI and I are currently living in Texas due to his job but he is a Colorado native. When we sat down and talked about our wedding plans I truly wanted to know how he envisioned his wedding day, and unlike my the FI's of friends and my sister... he actually had an input! Which excited me! He said he always pictured a winter wedding Colorado. I on the other hand, had never really thought about it. I always imagined a fall wedding but half the weddings I had been to for friends and family were fall weddings so in my mind... I wanted something different but I just didn't know what. When he painted the picture of a winter wedding Colorado... I fell in love with the idea. So... enough of my babbling, I'm here to try to get any inputs on wedding venues for a winter wedding. We are very flexible on location due to the fact that we are "traveling" to our wedding destination any how. If anyone has any ideas, that would be amazing and very appreciated!

Re: Venue for a winter 2013 wedding

  • Della Terra in Estes is amazing and would do a great winter wedding-I have seen alot of videos from weddings up there in the winter time. 

    Tapestry House in LaPorte is gorgous as well in the winter.

    It really all depends on if you want guarantee of snow or chance of snow.
  • Thank you for your response. Both venues are very beautiful. Della Terra definitely seems to be more what we had in mind. Being a winter wedding, we're kind of looking for our best chance of having snow.
  • Depends on your budget but almost all of the big ski resorts will do weddings at the summit, a lot of them tend to be on the pricier side though.

    Good luck!
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  • if you want snow i would say the mountains like 
    estes with della terra, stanley hotel
    steamboat with catamount, grand, and sheraton
    beaver creek with ritz
    apsen with sky hotel
    keystone,dillan, and copper are also some ideas

  • Totally different vibe than the mountains, but if you want to be right downtown across from Union Station and benefit from all the holiday decor downtown during that time of year, The Oxford Hotel would be a great option. The front of the hotel looks out to 17th street and Union Station and they have a variety of rooms for all sizes of events (from 50 to a few hundred).

    As you brainstorm, I thought I'd give another option! 

    For the mountains, we've stayed at the Steamboat Sheraton and it's newer and beautiful but you can't beat the character of the Steamboat Grand. 
  • What is your guest list? You could always look at B&B's (mountain and Denver).

    Friends rented out a B&B for their wedding a few days before X-mas. It was gorgeous. Married inside, but we watched it snow through the big windows. Very cozy.
  • In Response to Re: Venue for a winter 2013 wedding:
    I would check out Sanctuary Golf Course.
  • Thank you all for your suggestions. I really appreciate it! We're definitely going for a snowy moutain effect with a cozy feel. If that makes sense. Haha. If absoutely everyone on the guest list showed up and or brought a plus 1, we'd be looking at about 150. Having everyone in attendance is a rarity as we all know but... I want to make sure we have the space to accomodate for 150 comfortably. There's nothing I hate more than going to a crammed reception, bumping into everyone trying to maneuver through the room. Della Terria in Estes really caught our eye. Its got that lodgey rustic feel about it and its elegant at the same time. That is what we're going for. I'm definitely going to look into all of the suggestions you ladies had! Thank you. :)

  • Try Granby RAnch, a ski area near Winter Park that used to be called SolVista Basin. My friend was married there and it was breathtaking! Here is her photo gallery: http://allieblog.squarespace.com/journal/2012/3/21/heather-daniel-part-ii-granby-co-wedding-photographer.html

    And yes, she did snowboard down in her dress! So cool!
  • Triberoots... those wedding photos are beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing... I'm going to  check out Granby Ranch. :)
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