Needing a VENUE!?

My fiance and I are looking for a venue in the Omaha (or surrounding area) with the option for an indoor ceremony and/or reception (OR a church for the ceremony), seating/space up to 150 guests, that is also budget friendly (less than 3,000 total for rental fee, linens, etc).
Thank You in advance :)

Re: Needing a VENUE!?

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    I know that the Zoo does indoor/outdoor ceremonies and receptions. That might be kind of fun!


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    We are doing an outdoor ceremony at Mt Vernon Gardens, so that doesn't help you, but we are having out reception at Legacy Hall.

    Legacy allows you to bring in your own food and alcohol which saves you a TOOOON of money. It has seating for up to 400 people, they provide all the tables and chairs, they have a warming kitchen, bar, and spotlights for your cake/whatever else you would like.

    They do offer linen rentals if you'd like, but if you have the time (not sure when your wedding is) I would follow on Twitter, or sign up for their emails, and take advantage of their black friday sale. We got all of our tablecloths for under $7 each, and we will be able to sell them off after the wedding to recoup some of that money.

    If you're interested, we are having a served buffet style dinner catered by Schierbrock's Catering located in Neola, IA. We are getting 2 meats, 2 veggies, 2 potatoes, salad, rolls, all plates, silverware, napkins, and then coffee, for $9.50 per person (so about $10 per person after tax). This is by FAR the best price I found for catering in the Omaha area. I checked MANY other places, and the cheapest place I found besides Schierbrocks was $15 per person.

    A Friday night at Legacy is $1300 to rent plus a $500  refundable deposit (returned after the event as long as there is no damage), a Saturday night is (I believe) $1700 to rent, with a $500 refundable deposit. While it seems like a lot of money up front, the amount you'll find that you saved by being able to bring in your own food and alcohol makes it WAYYYY worth it.

    Sorry that's so long. I hope that helps!!! =]
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    Check into Anthony's Steakhouse.   they have a gorgeous outdoor patio with gazebo and waterfall feature and indoor ballroom as well.  You can have a reception of that size in or out
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