Rockland/Camden Flowers Question

Does anyone have any recommendations for florists who could do a Rockport wedding?  I am having a terrible time trying to get florists to either call me back or give me a straight answer about cost.

Also, I'm interested to know how much you are spending on flowers. I am doing bouquets for me and my five girls plus boutonnieres/corsages for the ushers/moms/dads but I'm planning on cheaping out and doing non-floral table decorations.  How did you guys do this?

Any advice would be great!

Re: Rockland/Camden Flowers Question

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    I'm buying flowers in bulk and doing my own bouquets and corsages, as well as centerpieces. Actually pretty excited about it! Sorry not much help if you don't want to do them yourself...
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    Hi there!  I haven't been on The Knot in a long time...probably not since my wedding in June!  But, I saw your post and did the very same thing -- flowers for me, my BMs, bouts for my husband and his guys, parents and such and non-flower centerpieces.  I ended up using a woman in southern Maine who was wonderful -- Kristin Blackwell (I can get you contact information if you want!).  And, my centerpieces were easy and fairly inexpensive relative to flowers.  I used circular mirrors, 3 sized vases, floated silk flowers and candles (I can send pictures if you want!)...oh, and I'm in Rockport!  I have a bunch of stuff for sale to be able to do centerpieces if you are interested.  If you have any questions or want to see picturesk, etc. send me an email -- rkc1078 at yahoo dot com.  Best of luck!!! 
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    I would highly recommend The Bridal Bouquet located in Thomaston. Her flower arrangements are beautiful! We are spending a little more than I wanted, but we are getting everything through them. Good Luck!
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