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Embarrassing problem I am SUPER nervous about


Re: Embarrassing problem I am SUPER nervous about

  • Your doctor can prescribe you acycolvir- you can take it (its a pill) before the wedding to prevent cold sores. It only works before an outbreak so it might be just want you were looking for.

    -Dr. Sarah
  • Hi, I have the same problem,  I have already had one when I started planning. I use Hylands Homeopathic Cold Sores & Fever Blister pills, it works wonders!  If I feel one starting to form I take the pills and it's gone the next day.  I order it on-line.  Good luck.
  • Valtrex will definitely help.  A prescription of that will keep cold sores at bay!

  • Stress is definitely a factor, but sun exposure is also a huge case of cold sores for me. Ever since I started wearing lip balm and moisturizer with sunscreen everyday, I very rarely get them anymore. And Valtrex does work wonders! If I feel the dreaded tingles, I just pop the pill and only a tiny sore (if anything) shows up for less than two days.
  • Thank you everyone for your advice! I really appreciate it! I called my doctor today for an appointment. I think having a back-up plan incase I do get a cold sore on my wedding day or right before will make me a little less anxious. Thank you all!
  • i get cold sores all the time and i use to break out with a lot at one time and it really hurt. i read that peroxide will cure herpes so i tried it. if i put peroxide on it when it first comes up like a little bump it really works fast and sometimes it doesnt even break out all the way it just goes away but you have to do it as soon as you notice it and put it on the bump as much as possible like 4 times a day. there is a warning though sometimes the peroxide will sting when you put it on especially if the sore is open
  • I have had plenty of cold sores in my life and they're aweful! I know exactly how you feel, and so does by best friend.I talked to a her about mine and she mentioned Neosporin. I didn't really believe her at first until I got another one. It cleared it up in about three days!! It was great and cheap! The only  thing is that you have to make sure you're going to be inside. Going outside with the Neosporin on will only increase the chance of burning your lips and that make it worse. I know this works for me and everyone is different, but I hope it works for you.
  • I am looking at the same problem and found a wonderful natural solution. I am taken L-Lysine (this is a Folic Acid)  that i got at the health food store and i took 4 capsules with Vitamins C, Bioflinoids and Zinc. Before i knew they came all 4 as a combination i purchased them seperatly and it became somewhat expencive. So, look for it in the combination and i can tell you with in 2 days you see great results and you can even feel when it will retreive.
  • I have the same worry!  I think that acidic things have triggered them when I eat too many cherry tomatoes.  One thing that I didn't see posted was a laser that some dentists have.  I don't know what it's called but my esthetician told me about it.  I asked my regular dentist and she didn't know what I was talking about but later, I asked my orthodontist and she has one!  We used it on my regular spot and although, I have felt a tingle a couple of times, I haven't gotten a fever blister!!  :D  Aside from that, my plan is to take some Valtrex or the generic for a while before the wedding, not just the day before.  In my case, if one popped up 2-3 days before, I'd still have a big ugly lip for the big day!  I have not had any luck with the creams, lysine, or home remedies.  Ask about the laser and get a Rx for Valtrex! 
  • I use Blistex MEDEX (round blue little pod of lip balm- about $1.59 at the drugstore) everyday on my lips and I haven't had a cold sore in three years. 

    I've taken Valtrex in the past. It helps the time of healing but I just use Blistex Medex and I've been pretty happy.

    Good Luck

  • The headline in the email newsletter lured me in, everyone's curious about solving an embarassing problem - it literally made my YEAR to read all these posts!!! My last cold sore, I stressed the whole time because they usually come around twice a year, and my wedding is now exactly 5 months away!!! I can't wait to get to the DR and get an RX for Valtrex and stop those suckers in their tracks!!!!
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  • The best remedy that I have found (even better than Valtrex) is Viroxyn (benzalkonium chloride). It only takes one dose to speed up the healing time of your cold sore.  Trust me...YOU WILL BE AMAZED!  I have been haunted by these stupid cold sores all of my life and they are usually monstrously huge on me.  I  have tried everything!  This medicine is truly great.  You can find it at Walgreen's.
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    I just want to THANK you for posting this question!  The thought had never occurred to me and then a couple days ago I got a cold sore and I immediately thought, "what happens if I get one on/around my wedding day!"  I use Abreva as soon as I get "the tingle" but as I'm currently experiencing, it shortens the time it lasts from up to 3 weeks when unmedicated, to about 1 week (assuming I don't touch it unless using the cream).  I never knew about Valtrex... but I will definitely be visiting my doctor soon to ask!

    Thanks everyone for the suggestions!
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  • Get a prescription of acyclovir, start taking it proactively a few days before. You wont get one that way, I get them all the time and have done this before for important times or on vacation cuz I get them from the sun.
  • I too share your problem.  I fought with cold sores for years.  Same thing, I took thousands of milligrams of Lysine and it never worked.  I finally started taking Lip Service by Arbonne.  It has made an incredible difference!  You take one pill twice a day every day and it keeps them from showing up.  If you do feel like you're getting one take two pills twice a day.  And, they have a lip ointment to apply too if you feel like one is coming on.  I was getting cold sores almost six times a year.  Now, I have maybe one.  It's such a relief!  I'm sure you could find an Arbonne consultant in your area that would be happy to help you :)
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