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Have any of you gals completed this? What's it like? I'd post on the Catholic board, but I know so many of you have done the Catholic wedding thing, that I figured I would check with my trusty Minny knotties first!


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    We haven't done it yet, but I used to administer the ENRICH to couples that I worked with in the adoption process and then go through the results with them.  My advice is just to be honest as you fill it out.  It's not about testing your compatability, it's just to make sure that you've talked about issues and make sure that you've had the important conversations with each other-ie. finances, religion, kids, your backgrounds, families of origin. 
    Last winter they did a segment on the ENRICH/PREPARE on Kare 11 and I made my fiance take the questions they had posted on their website.  I was actually surprised by a few of his responses and thought it was really great that we talked about it afterwards.  You might want to check out the KARE 11 website to see if it is still on there!

    Good luck:)
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    OOH!  Good question!

    We haven't started yet, but I'm interested to know, too.  My family's minister from Colorado is flying up to officiate, but obviously we aren't able to do out pre-marital counseling with him.  He specifically recommended this program, though - so we are looking for someone in the area that does it.
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    We just started taking our classes last week.  We completed the online questionnaires a while back- they're not difficult at all- FI and I each filled ours out during work. I think it took somewhere around 30-45 min to complete (?)... and I'm pretty sure that all of the questions were on a scale rating (1-5). 

    During our session last week, it was interesting to see what areas were 'strenghth' and which were 'growth' (nice way of saying how we scored/what areas we were compatible).  We will talk about both things we were strong and things we were weak during our sessions. (FYI, I'm happy to report the pastor said that we were very compatible- although maybe he tells everyone that Smile)

    I was not looking forward to the counselling, but can honestly say that I was pleasantly surprised & am looking forward to our next session!  Sorry for the long answer- in short, it's easy and kind of fun.  If you have any more questions, please ask!
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    We have completed the questionaire survey as well as started the actual Pre Cana retreat.  All in all I think it's a very useful tool.  Just like 2bmrsd said, it is fun and interesting getting your results back to see what areas are your strengths and what areas are growth.  You get some great insight into each other on a different level. 

    Well worth the time and effort!
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    We also took it.  For the test, I was a little nervous but they're just general questions.  Our pastor went over the results and it mainly gave her an idea of what she should go over.  When we finished our counceling, she gave us the packet so we could go over.  It's nothing earth shaddering, but kind of interesting. 

    It's kind of like those personality tests you take.  You usually know about your personality, but it's interesting to hear another perspective.
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