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Accountability - Monday

How is everyone's Monday going thus far? Any big plans for your workout/eating habits today?

Right after work I am picking up FI and we're heading to the gym. Because I got sick at the end of last week and slacked off I'm going to backtrack and do week 3 of C25K again this week, and then move on starting next week.

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Re: Accountability - Monday

  • Since i am not going to the gym today I am trying to keep my calories in check.

    Breakfast was not a good start, I gave in to the desire for comfort food and had a bagel with lox, cream cheese and all sorts of other goodies. 

    Lunch was vegan black bean soup though, and i walked almost a mile round trip to get it so I feel a bit better. Except the salad came with a brownie which was a wee bit less healthy...

    Dinner is still up in the air. We may go to the sushi place by our house which won't be terrible. I usually fill up with a seaweed salad and then have 1 sushi roll. 

    I think that's way more than anyone wants to read. Sorry! 
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  • My calories and working out schedule have been less than desireable.  I've had a lot going on over the past few days so I am allowing myself this little lapse.  Tomorrow I will get back into my usual routine, if nothing else comes up.  I'd love to work out tonight but we are meeting with a travel agent once I get home from work and then off to get the pup some food because we are pretty much out.
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    BMcLeodTeam-  What do you think of Couch to 5K?  I'm considering starting it.
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  • I have done some Zumba but i really havent eaten anything yet. My schedule is different from everyone else. I work at night so my eat times are different. But I know I am having chicken for dinner
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  • I am loving it thus far! I mean, I obviously don't know the end result, but from what I've already seen I recommend it :) Heard great things from others who've done it too
  • Sorry, I've been MIA. Sunday, we had a big Italian family dinner. Monday, I was sides tracked by getting an interview for today with no time to prepare. I had to go with my MPH and another BM to order their dresses and my mom actually found and purchased her dress. We also went out for Mexican. I ended up with eggplant New Orleans and I split fries with my friend. The rest of this week will be straight up doctor food and vegetables.
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