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5 day honeymoon with rainforest

I'm sure this has been discussed but I couldn't find it by searching...  
We have 5 days for the honeymoon, maybe 6 (including travel time).  We are looking for somewhere that has rainforest since my FI has never been.  Does anyone know a place/country/island that they would recommend to see rainforest or jungle?  
We are, of course, on a budget and don't want to spend most of our time on a plane (we are in the midwest).  Any suggestions?  Thanks so much.

Re: 5 day honeymoon with rainforest

  • I should have also mentioned that we would be taking the trip in mid-October.

    My sister has been to Costa Rica many times and recommended it as well.  How important is the fact that neither of us knows spanish?
  • We are going to Costa Rica, but were advised against going in October. Its supposed to be one of the rainiest months there.  May want to check that out before booking anything.
  • We will be travelling to Costa Rica for our honeymoon, but we are staying in a less traveled part - Puerto Viejo which is on the Carribean Coast but in the rainforest. They have so much stuff to do, and if you are into exploring local culture, this is the place to go since theres no big volcano or huge tourist attraction aside from the natural beauty of the area. As far as the rainy season, it depends on the area in Costa Rica. Where we are staying, it is recommended to go in Sept/Oct or April/May as the best climate. Granted, you are in a rainforest so thats not to say that it will never rain. If you want details about where, etc we are staying and doing, PM me!
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