do I have to?

A friend asked me for my address so that she can send us a wedding invitation. So my question is this: do I have to invite her to mine? I'm thinking the answer is yes, but as of right now they are not on our list. We are not great friends with them (although it seems they think otherwise). And honestly, I have other friends that I consider to be closer that aren't invited (and I would rather invite then these two)

Re: do I have to?

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    Ugh, that's tough. The correct etiquette answer would probably be that you should invite her, but I wouldn't, esp. since you're not inviting some of your closer friends. If she questions your decision or complains, just pull the typical excuses: limited guest list, space, etc.

    FWIW, I ended up inviting my mom's coworker's daughter and FI, but only b/c she ended up coming to my bridal shower (I've met her a few times, and she used to give me clothes when she cleaned out her closet). However, I never received an invitation to her wedding (they got married a few weeks after us).

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    ugh. if all else fails, tell her that you're having a small wedding and that the parents have taken control of the guest list to determine who should/should not be invited.

    i felt obligated to invite a friend since i went to her wedding (uh, like 7 yrs ago) but ended up scratching her. i simply didn't want her there and didnt want to let obligation dictate. she was cranky, but i told her that FI's family took up 70% of the guest list and didn't leave much room for anyone else. something like that.
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     I think I'll wait and see if her wedding is before or after mine (I have no idea when it is). The thing is, I'm pretty sure I remember her telling me it was a really small wedding on a river cruise... which would mean that she considers me a really really good friend... so I think if thats the case I'll invite her.  I guess we'll see.  Thanks!  Oh- and this reminds me of something else I need to post about...

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    Sara, I don't think you have to IMO.  Also, don't go to hers if you don't want to and then you won't feel as badly about not inviting her to yours! 
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