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livid rant!!

so I hired a classmate that was trying to get into the wedding planning business..I only hired her for the day of just to oversee things that I couldnt and didnt want to deal with on our wedding I met with her to go over my expectations and drew up the contract for $250..her first question was "oh, my husband knows your brother..can he come?" my answer was this is business not a social event,,your hubby is gonna have to catch up with my brother some other time...her next question was "so what are your colors? I like to dress like the wedding party" Mu answer "um, need to wear professional attire..such as a black or white blouse with black slacks and you need to get a name tag..guess I shouldve known something would happen, duh..

so the day of the wedding..she showed up on time..but was bombarded by her cell phone constantly ringing..either her kids or her husband..then she had to leave to take him to work at 3:00p..I guess they only have one car..oookayy our wedding was to start at when she left she said she would complete the decorating..since I had to leave to begin getting dressed..I stilll didnt say anything because she did complete the task (which i saw when we arrived for the reception)..but at the ceremony..she again left early..people were looking for her to ask question and we screwed up the lighting of the unity candle (it was cute I still didnt trip)..

so after the reception..everyone helped us clean..which I appreciated since I was still in my of the 115 guest that rsvp'd..only @40 actually came to the reception because i had a co worker that his wedding started at we had a ton of food and unopened I gave it to my wedding party as a thank you for cleaing..well lo and be she comes toting my damn wine..of course I didnt see her and people told me later so I wouldnt be upset on weddin f&*^ B%^*&....

So now I recieve a text from her telling me that she had someone that wanted to buy some of my linen and the chair sashes..for $150..get off the damn gas!! this is unbelieveable..I paid $900 for the tableclothes and chair sashes..and the table runners were $300..get the F^^&^** outta here with that nonsense!!! I know she (whoever it is) would love to get some linen for FREE..

I drop the mic and walk off..end of vent..I still havent sent her an email or called just to let her know B%^&* you didnt get over and I hope you choke and that wine you stole!!!!! She was so unprofessional and her unexperience was showing like a slip from under a dress..
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Re: livid rant!!

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    so the knot ate my post, but I was able to read some of you guys replies...
    yes it was about 40 people out of the expected 115..Most people showed up to the ceremony at 5p, but I have a co-worker that his wedding started at 6p, so I guess people left after the ceremony to get to his wedding..I wish they were more honest and told me they wouldnt make the reception...instead of thinking they were gonna hurt our feelings..we wasted sooo much money...the day of it didnt bother me, but the more I thought about it..i regreted not keeping the original number down in the first place...

    @carla..I was doing fine on my own..everything was done, but she contacted me out of the blue asking for a chance..I didnt need her for much so I didnt see what she could really mess up..of course I had been planning for a year so I didnt need her creative the rehearsal..i had show her who the BRIDE...I wanted tulled on the pews...she wanted blue no..and she just kept on til I yelled "I dont want that!" everyone FI looked at me..he wanted to laugh because that was my first bridezilla moment...she needs to learn how to listen....then I told her I wanted everyone to walk in seperately..she almost had a heart attack and told me "the bestman  and maid of honor need to walk in together..otherwise its not gonna work"...bish....i said I want them to walk like this...I had 6 girls and hubby had 4 guys and it was perfect..she was just interjecting herself where she did not belong..and really frustrating matron and maids of honor was like if we get her they wont find her til sunday in the broom made me laugh..

    and in her rush to steal the wine..she left her clipboard with the (remaining half) of cash I gave her....she called me to ask if I had picked it up...the devil was on my shoulder and the thought crossed my mind to go and get it and keep my money..but then I thought I dont steal...and she wont have no good luck for what she did and thought no one saw..because the lord saw..and her husband supposed to be a minister..smh...

    I will be emailing her a very detailed, and insightful email..she is not flexible and her inexpensive taste shows..she had nerve to tell me "oh I guess you dont do ghetto" I dont..theres nothing wrong with something being inexpensive as long as it doesnt look so..hopefully she takes heed...and she better not even think to call me for a reference...if it was up to me she wouldnt even be able to clean the bathroom at a
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  • Wow! Good thing you planned ahead and was sure of how you wanted your day to be, otherwise that could have been even worse. Spread the word and put her out of business that is unacceptable. 150 to 40 people... oh my that's a lot of missing people, but at the end of the day you are MARRIED, congratulations!
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  • I am sorry you had to go thru this! I can understand why you were livid at her.
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  • Congrats on the wedding.  Too bad you DOC was horrible but at least you got married and everything go done! 
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