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The DJ dilemma

Hello fellow brides in inter-racial relationships to be!  I am Italian and Polish and my fiancée is African American and my family ranges in ages from 18-78 while his family ranges from 20-50.  We are in need of a dj that can please everyone in the crowd and can play oldies to mo-town, to reggae to 80's rock, to old school rap to classic 90's, to current top 40, line dances, slow songs, etc.  Someone who knows what to play and when to keep people on the dance floor and the party moving.  Someone who can MC the party and who won't break the bank because we are paying for the wedding ourselves.  Any suggestions on questions to ask dj’s to see if they can deliver on our needs or how to research for djs that can meet our particular needs?  Anyone from the Cleveland, OH area that can suggest actual vendors?


Re: The DJ dilemma

  • Hi Michelle

    We have eclectic taste in music and wanted a mix that will please us and our parents. Our dj has an online library and we can choose 40 must play songs, 30 try to play songs and also leave notes about the type of music to fill in the blanks. I would highly recommend a dj that has an option like that. In my experience, most wedding djs can play a variety. Happy Planning!
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