7 months to plan a wedding... Is it possible??

Hey ladies:)

so it looks like I may be planning my wedding in 7 months.. Is it possible? Any words of advice/tips?

Re: 7 months to plan a wedding... Is it possible??

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    It's definitely possible - it's been done in far less time! As for advice, just know that a lot of prime venues and vendors may be taken, but 7 months from now is late October, so there should be more flexibility with those dates!

    Start with choosing a date and booking a venue, and that will be the hardest part!  Do you have an idea of where you want to get married, how many people, etc.?  The more we know, the more we can help! :)
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    I am going to look at Hockley Valley this weekend and we are flexible with the date. Possibly a Friday, as I know it will probably be easier to get a good venue. As far as guests go, we are thinkng 100-120. I think we will be able to find's the dress and vendors I'm concerned about finding in time :s Thanks so much:)
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    It's really easy! I planned mine in one month - i was engaged in August 29, 2010 - all of the planning was done in September and the wedding wasn't till July 10, 2011 :)

    You can do it!
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    the dress should be fine, go soon-some say they take 6 months to come in. If you can take a day off work and make appointments at a few stores during the week you'll be able see more and it won't be as busy as a weekend.
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    It's definitely doable. We got engaged at the end of January 2011 and our wedding is end of July 2011.

    Venue was the hardest and most stressful part. A lot of places had Saturdays booked but most had Fridays and Sundays free. We ended up going with a Friday.  

    I got the dress already as well as the photographer. Going to finalize things with the DJ and florist this week and the rest is pretty easy.

    Good luck :)
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    I was engaged Feb 14th 2011 and we are getting married August 5th 2011

    Not only is it definitely do-able, but we got a couple of deals! We are paying for our venue and photography in cash because "2011 wedding season is finished" (their words) so they weren't expecting more business, we are a perk. So long as you have some help with the stress from your FI and mom, or a good friend, you'll be fine  :)  ENJOY
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    Hi there,

    It really all depends on what kind of wedding you want. i am getting married in a church and I would not be able to get married within the 7 months time frame since the requirment has to be 1 year in advance.

    Just make sure to be on top of things and don't wait till the last minute to book appointment and putting down deposit with your vendors. I think if you have a busy work schedule it can get challenging. The extra 3 months certainly helps so you have time to relax in between bookings.

    Defintely can be done though but you might want to start looking for a gown.

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    If you can buy your dress off the rack (there are plenty of places where you can do this) and get all your vendors sorted out I can't think of a reason why a wedding couldn't be planned in a few months.

    Be careful though with the idea that October is a slower month for vendors. Apparently it is now one of the busiest months (my photographer was booked up for October 2011 a year in advance!).  I know that when I chose to get married in October I thought it would be a bonus because it wasn't the summer but my photographer, florist, baker and make-up artist all told me that it was one of their busiest times. 
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    Whoops! I just realized how weird my post sounded!

    EDIT:  So long as you have someone to help you with the stress LIKE (not from!) your FI, mom or a good friend, you'll be fine.

    If you want to get married soon, you will make it happen  :)

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    Thanks for the kind words and support, chicks! We have booked our venue for September 30, 2011 and I have my dress:) everything seems to be coming along nicely!!! Let's hope it stays that way ;)
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    It is very doable!! Just be really organized and accept help if you need it!
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