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Best wedding planner book

My cousin got engaged this past weekend and I would love to order her a wedding planner book. What is the best one now aday?
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Re: Best wedding planner book

  • I'd get her something else. In my experience wedding planning books have been pretty useless and a waste of money.
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  • Get her something else. I got two for gifts and they're still sitting in the drawer. And now I am going to feel really bad if my aunt (who got me one and is helping me plan) asks to see how it's going. Maybe a pretty silver frame? For her epics or eventually wedding pics?
  • Tell her to come to the Knot (if she isn't a member already) I've found the checklist on here to be very helpful.
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  • Don't.  I got three or four wedding planning books as engagement gifts, and I use one of them that's just an accordian file for storing contracts, etc.  The other three just sit there.

    I'd consider gifting her a subscription to a wedding magazine instead.  They're great to page through and rip out ideas in the early planning stages, but I'm too cheap to buy them.  A friend sent me a few when I got engaged and I really liked it.
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  • i agree that the subscription to a wedding magazine would be more useful! send her over here to theknot. we'll help her out!
  • Yep. The magazine subscription sounds like a good idea.  Oh, and when it comes time for her to think that she needs to get a "wedding binder", talk her out of buying one.  They're just glorified and overly expensive notebooks because they have the "W" word on them.  She can look at some to get ideas and then go to Office Depot to get a plain binder and page protectors.  Pages torn from magazines fit perfectly in them.  So do vendor receipts and contracts.
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  • Agreed, those wedding binders aren't all that useful. Although, I did buy the Brides Book of Lists, which has a lot of questions to ask your vendors, and I find that useful. But it isn't a good size for storing contracts and such, so I, like most of the PPs, ended up buying a binder and page protectors for that stuff.

    I agree that buying her a bunch of magazines is practical and helpful.

    if you want to get her something that has long-term sentimental value, I think a photo album or nice journal to write her personal thoughts and memories of this time would be better than a planning book.

    Hope that helps!

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  • Really?  I loved Bridal Bargains.  That book was awesome.

    If you mean a notebook with tabs and stuff, yeah, skip it, but if you mean an actual book, get her Bridal Bargains, it's really helpful.

  • So much is done online these days I didn't think a traditional planner was really necessary. Instead I just had a folder that held all my contracts and the rest of my stuff (inspiration pics, guest list, vendor comparisons, etc) was stored online.
  • I found Mindy Weiss' book to be extremely helpful.  She is a celebrity wedding planner and it has chalk full of useful information.  It also has cool facts about the history of certain traditions, and things like that.
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    [QUOTE]it has chalk full of useful information.
    Posted by emarston1[/QUOTE]

    English fail.
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  • All of the wedding planners I saw were a waste of money and were filled with the same information you could find for free online and had very little space to wirte down your ideas and thoughts... so I made my own.  :)
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    I agree that making your own is the most budget worthy, however if you are like me and not creative (or patient) enough to make or find the stuff to make your own. Here is the one I got and I LOVE it. http://www.exclusivelyweddings.com/Weddings/Wedding-Accessories/Bridal-Accessories/Wedding-Organizer/Organized-Bride-Khaki-Wedding-Planner

    I searched high and low for an organizer. Yes I rely heavily on my Knot wedding checklist/ideas, etc. But I am very anal and like to have it in writing too, never know if I need access to some wedding stuff when the internet goes down! Not everyone rely's heavily on the internet and even though I myself do, I still opted to get a binder wedding planner. It has helpful information, tabs to organize each section of wedding planning and folders with pockets to store docs. Its also a 3 ring binder so you can just hole punch it and add it in there. Its awesome, I absolutely recommend getting it, it would make SUCH a great gift and she will be thankful! You can also get it personalized with their names, although I opted not to only because I wanted to be able to carry it around in public without everyone staring at it LOL. It has handles for easy carrying too.. I really can't say enough good things about it :)
  • I can see why many deem a planning book unneccessary, but I like having a book that I can carry around and have with me when I need it. I love "The Knot Book of Wedding Lists." It's small and lightweight, and has tons of important questions for your vendors and contract highlights.
  • I suggest the Wedding Book: Big Book for your Big Day.  I only got it for $7 hard cover, used, in great condition from Amazon.com.
    It has a ton of information, but its a very entertaining read.  It's written so you don't have to read from cover-to-cover, but it sure is fun if you decide to.  My real estate agent dropped off a bottle of champagne to the house (God bless her!), and I was thinking, I just read about wines/champagnes at weddings! So I went straight to the book to decipher its character.  Right now I'm reading about the bride's weddding dress and things to look for in quality. Ooh la la.  It's hard to put the book down. 
  • P.S.  It's not a binder to keep things in, but I find it nice to supplement one that wouldn't have a lot of etiquite/planning information. 
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