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Things I do not get


Re: Things I do not get

  • Yeah, I guess you're my (younger) brother's age.  I looked up when book #4 came out (2000).

  • Kate61487Kate61487
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    I guess I didn't realize the last few books were published that far apart because I'm pretty sure I was mid-late HS when I started them (babysitting for my younger cousin, he had the first three) and I read through 5 at that time; 6 and 7 came out after. **

    7 came out while I was interning in Phoenix; pretty much every minute that I wasn't at work or asleep I was reading.  H (then bf) would call to check in and after about a minute of "how are you"s he'd say "okay, I'll leave you to Harry...."  Gotta love a guy who knows his place ;-)

    **edit: that sentence would make more sense if you (cfrb) knew that we're the same age, haha
  • Crfb and I are like the same age b/c I was around 12/13 when book 4 came out lol!
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  • H always says his immune system isn't going to train itself. He's not afraid of germs, unless it's related to food or poop.

    "I wish I could have sparkly tits every single day of my life." --MUNI
  • I think I was around 14 when the movies came out because I remember my boyfriend at the time wanted to see it. I told him no. lol :/
  • I just specifically remember reading book #5, since I was at Purdue attending summer school.  Living at our apartment on the river.  Plus it was the summer that the rest of my friends turned 21, so we would go out and celebrate.

    Summer school was fun.  Not going to lie.

  • In Response to Re: Things I do not get:
    [QUOTE]87 was a good year to be born.  Just sayin'.
    Posted by crfb87[/QUOTE]

    Yup, you are the same age as my brother.

  • 87 all the way!
  • gosh, I feel like an old hag (:

    You should feel sorry for my fiance.

  • I don't get parents who shelter their kids from everything.

    I don't get people who constantly double park in their POS cars. And I'm not talking just over the line I'm talking half of your car in one spot and half in the other.
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  • Sorry for running off earlier! I had to catch the bus. I'm team watermelon or red!
  • In Response to Re: Things I do not get:
    [QUOTE]87 was a good year to be born.  Just sayin'.
    Posted by crfb87[/QUOTE]
    You are the same age as my sister.
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  • So, I just found out that my FI has a TK screen name as well.

    He's giving fashion advice for grooms.  (Its good advice.  FI loves clothes.)

    We're sitting here knotting together.

  • Oh my goodness. I kinda want to know what is SN is but that's probably rude. :)
  • You're about to have a PM, Midge (:

  • muni - that is the cutest thing ever
  • I told him he needs to get on E!

  • In Response to Re: Things I do not get:
    [QUOTE]You're about to have a PM, Midge (:
    Posted by MyUserName1[/QUOTE]

  • I don't get...
     why  the person going 10 under the speed limit is in the left lane on the interstate.

    why we only have a 2 party system in the US when a majority of the population doesn't fall 100% into party lines.

    why my cat escapes from the apartment all of 3 feet to the stairs and just sits there.

    just to name a few :)
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