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Hatteras Island Bride! Are there any others?


Re: Hatteras Island Bride! Are there any others?

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    [QUOTE]Thanks for the info! We are going to rent a house throug Hatteras Realty... I have been looking at several that we really like... I havent decided on which house yet... They said I wont be able to book any until the week (a year before) the wedding... So I am waiting until August to call & see if the ones we are interested in are available... So have you ever to been to Corolla?? My cousins have been there before & said it's great... I'm just not sure where everything is & how far things are apart... I really like the love boat also... We are planning on easlily 50 people... Not everyone will be staying in the house of course... Theres 18 alone in the bridal party!!! Yikes I know but I couldnt leave anyone out haha... Were going to get married on the beach... Nothing fancy... very limited decorations... Then we are going to have a big BBQ style dinner at the house for the reception... My Fiance's friend is a d/j so he will be bringing his equipment to have a pool side reception... We are  building a house right now & are on a budget. I have talked to my family though & they all said they think the BBQ would be a good & fun idea...=)
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    </div><div>I called well ahead of the year mark for renting a house and talked to the event coordinator at Hatteras Realty.  We were lucky and got to tour a lot of houses before making the final decision.  You should call them and talk to Laura, she is the event coordinator and she works in the Hatteras office.  She is a big help and once we made the decision on which house we wanted, she booked it for us at 5PM the  last day that the people that had it last year could rebook (since they got dibs on it first) I think it was a Tuesday, she called us as soon as she reserved it, which was about 5:15 or so.  If you have a certain house in mind she can also tell you if they've been rebooking for the past 10 years or somehting, so you don't get your heart set on a house you probably won't get.  </div><div>
    </div><div>Never been to Corolla, we drive straight through Nags Head and keep going south.  Sounds like you are on the ball with a lot of your plans.. thats great!  We are having a BBQ style dinner for the rehearsal/welcome dinner We're inviting everyone that is coming down so we are calling it a "welcome BBQ")  Then for the reception we are doing crab cakes, marinated shrimp, pork tenderloin, and a bunch of salads. </div><div>
    </div><div>If you have any other questions let me know!</div><div>

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    I just got married at the Love Boat on July 2nd, 2010. Please let me know if you have any questions. We really liked our caterer. We used BJs Carolina Cafe, they are family owned, have great service and awesome food. They were very reasonable with their price and VERY helpful. Who is your florist? I was not happy with mine- Every Blooming Thing. And are you getting a limo? OBX beach limo was almost an hour late picking up my bridesmaids and I.... we left the salon without him, luckily we had a back up plan if that happened. Our photographer and videographers AMMC-Photo I cannot say enough about. THEY ARE AMAZING. Their picture are breathtaking.
    I made a ton of my own decorations that were a huge hit. I am willing to sell them if you are interested in that as well. Our color theme was royal blue, white. Email me if you want. [email protected] or any other Love Boat brides, I have many good and bad comments/suggestions.
    Happy wedding planning.

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