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bm deadline...ughh August brides help

so i have noticed the a lot of ladies that are having weddings after me gave their bm a deadline before my bm deadline............i am starting to think i am wrong for setting a May 12 deadline..................db told me it can take 12 weeks at the most 2 get a should i change the deadline?

Re: bm deadline...ughh August brides help

  • For me personally, it was nice to know all of the BM's had ordered their dresses.  It was one more check off my list.  I think this is up to you.  If it something you are worried about and it will give you peace of mind, I think your BM would understand moving it up. 
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  • I didn't give my BMs a deadline, and 2 of them have ordered their dresses (1 of those 2 has received it already), and the 3rd (who is my MOH) won't be able to order hers until June (which worries me, but my Mom says not to worry) which I knew right away. 

    I'd say do what feels right for you :)
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  • I'd suggest having them order early. DB told me to have everyone order by mid February because it was getting into the busy season and my color would likely take a little longer to get in. I wanted everyone to have time for alterations and I always like to plan ahead in case something gets screwed up and another order needs to be made. 2 of the 3 dresses have already come in.
  • thanks ladies and i have to be ahead of schedule so i think i am moving it up
  • I'm having a maid of honor (already has her dress) and a junior bridesmaid ( just 11 years old who doesn't have her dress yet).  I'm not expecting the 11 year old to get hers until maybe closer to June.  This may not be the right decision though but she's still growing.  

    when is everyone else having the junior bridesmaids/flower girls get their dresses?
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  • My flower girls have their dresses already (coordinating light green dresses with onk accents that they already have.) My junior bridesmaids aren't getting theirs until later, one mom said around spring break (April.) My BMs dresses are about half chosen (I'm doing a jewel tone pallette with each girl picking their own color and dress- so far we've got pink and purple. Two are shopping this week and I'm not sure if the third has narrowed it down or not (she emailed me about five or six that she was considering a few months ago.) I think the BMs will probably all be settled by the end of this month, although I never set a deadline, hah. 
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  • At David's Bridal, they work on commission and will always push you to order far earlier than necessary.  For one wedding that I was a BM in, the bride kept procrastinating with the BM dresses (her words, not mine)....we ended up not ordering until late May (I think it was actually Memorial Day weekend) for the late July wedding, and they were still in with plenty of time to spare.  Alterations only take a week, tops. 
  • ummm I think I will just keep the May 12th deadline..........
  • My flower girl has her dress already, her Mom ordered it off of Ebay for like $15 and it is ADORABLE!!! :)
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