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North Carolina-Outer Banks

Photo Booths, Catering and intro.... November 17th at Jennette's Pier

Hi knotties!
New to the board just sent my date for November 17 at the Pier and am trying to plan this wedding from out of state too. My fiancee and I are both from VA we met in undergrad at CNU and now we live in IL where he is getting his doctorate so trying to plan from afar. I have always loved the OBX though and cannot see myself getting married anywhere else.

I have been reading the boards for the last few days and have really loved the suggestions. My parents went to the expo on my behalf and said they were so overwhelmed by all the options. I am wondering though I am interested in using Mulligans as my caterer, they are the only ones that have been consistent in their responses and have come up with a fabulous and well priced menu for us, has anyone ever used them for a special event? They are a pretty well know bar and grill and I like that their food is comforting and not pretentious. I don't need caviar or anything.

Also is or has anyone ever rented a photo booth around there? I would really like some suggestions on who was fun and who had a great product. You can never really tell from their websites.

Thank you ladies for all your great suggestions, based on recommendations here I am thinking of using Matt Lusk as my photographer and he has been very prompt with his and very reasonably priced I think. Alright any suggestions would be much appreciated :) Thanks!

the future Dr. and Mrs Diggs :)

Re: Photo Booths, Catering and intro.... November 17th at Jennette's Pier

  • OBX2011OBX2011
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    Hello & welcome!

    My SIL and her BF are seniors at CNU!  What a small world :)

    Jennette's Pier is gorgeous and you have made a fabulous choice!  Your guests are going to be in for a real treat.  I can't recall any of the brides using Mulligan's, so I'm not any help on that.  I think one of the other Knotties was considering using a photo booth, so hopefully she will pop in here and offer suggestions.

    Matt Lust is a fabulous choice and many of us have used him!  He was booked for my day, so I am envious of all of the ones that do actually get to use him.  As far as officiants go, I know that Rev. Jay Bowman is highly sought after and a lot of the ladies/grooms are using him as well.

    If there is anything you need at all, please don't hesitate to ask!


  • Welcome!  I'm not help with the rest, but the pier is GORGEOUS!  We bought one of the engraved planks with our names and wedding date.  There were a few left this summer.  I think they're so neat, especially if it's your wedding location.
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  • Welcome to our board! So far, no suggestions from me, but hopefully I can be more helpful in the future :)
  • Carygirl14Carygirl14
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    My FI and I wanted to do a photo booth, but decided it was an area we could cut back on for the budget.  However, when we spoke to our photographer he said he could create a version of it and wouldn't charge us any extra.  So, if you're interested....  he told us to create a backdrop that could stand up on it's own (we're thinking fabric & PVC pipe) and he would supply a camera w a timer or push button so guests could operate it themselves (and we wouldn't need a cameraman, hence no extra cost).  We'll also be buying some props for guests to use.  Just a thought.  We're getting married at Jennette's too.  Good choice.  The views are GORGEOUS.
  • We are so excited about our photobooth - our friends had one at their wedding in PS and we all had such a blast taking photos with all our friends.  We did some research into a few places, and we are going with Shutterbooth (the sanderling recommended them and they came in cheaper than some of the others we liked).  Definitely check them out
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  • I've never heard how Mulligan's is with their catering, however, their food is excellent.  Their steam pots are anyway.  Definitely stop in and take one home even if you don't go with them. 

    We would love to do a photobooth but I don't think we'll have it in our budget.  Carly - who is your photographer, out of curiosity?

    We are using Matt Lusk for photography and LOVE HIM!  For officiants, if Rev. Jay is booked, as he was for us, we also really liked Dave Keller, our choice :)
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  • We are using Matt Lusk as well!  He's AWESOME and my FI actually has a secret crush on him!  Geez..... LOL
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  • thanks for all the advice guys, we are excited about Matt.
    the future Dr. and Mrs Diggs :)
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