Caterers in Camden/Lincolnville/Belfast area

I'm having the hardest time finding reviews for *any* vendors in Maine that aren't South of Portland.  Anyone have any good caterer recommendations? Someone recommended the Chi Chi Chef - has anyone had any experience with them?

TIA for any input!
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Re: Caterers in Camden/Lincolnville/Belfast area

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    Have you tried That is where I have found most of my vendors. 

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    hey LHB2011 where u u getting married? im looking for places in that area and  through brunswick area
  • LHB2011LHB2011 member
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    Ivyrose - thanks! They seem to have some reviews there! Not much still, but definlitey more than anywhere else I've looked.

    Megrk - I'm getting married in September in Lincolnville.
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    Megunticook Market is excellent!  I think she's right in Lincolnville and Lani, the owner, has been on 207 a couple of times.  They do fantastic food and are preferred by many venues that don't cater.  Good luck!
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    Many caterers I talked to in Southern Maine were willing to travel up North. We ended up choosing The Blue Elephant Events and Catering and they've told me that they have worked up in Camden/ Linconville before. Give them a call. They are great to work with and im sure could help you out! Good luck!
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