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Planning books?

Has anyone used any sort of wedding planning books for their DW? I bought The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings and a "regular" wedding planning book - The Bride's Essential Wedding Planner. Does anyone have recommendations that they found helpful for a DW? Thanks!!

Re: Planning books?

  • Honestly, I found the good ol' internet to be the most helpful.  I also bought The Knot's DW book, looked over it for a few days, and haven't touched it since.  

    This board, TripAdvisor, and Google will be your best friends.  Create a file on your computer for WR ideas and must-take photos.  Bookmark, bookmark, bookmark!  If you have any questions, these ladies are the best and super knowledgeable.  
  • My moh bought me the knot wedding planner binder.  It's been so handy to use and it give you pointers.
  • i bought a little jump drive that plugs into any computer and saved everything on there under different folders. When i found ideas, websites that i liked i just saved everything and as it got down to more planning i would go to the folder i needed and pick from there. It is nice to have everything on one spot, and that you can take with you from home to work to wherever!
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  • I bought The Knot Guide to Destination Weddings as well, other than that...I just stick to the magazines.
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