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just frustrated

Ok so this isnt really wedding related but since this is about my best friend who is also my MOH i am going to vent here...

So it's new years eve and we have a small group of very close friends who have been planning for weeks now that we would be spending new years eve together. There are only six of us and the plans have been kinda set in stone so to speak for over 2 weeks. We're going out to eat then going on a photo scavenger hunt, after that we're heading downtown for fireworks then back to our friends house for drinking, snacks, and watching the ball drop.

Here is the source of my frustration, my best friend texts me over facebook today telling me that another friend of her's parents are throwing a party and she's now torn on which party to go to. This kinda put me over the edge and she knows that i'm peeved. She would wait til today to bail on us knowing that if she doesnt come we wouldnt be able to do the scavenger hunt (its a team thing) and then she goes on to start threatening to leave even if she did come. It just makes me upset that someone, especially my best friend (who has been my best friend over 16 years) would bail last second like this for another friend (who she has known for 3 months) parent's party.

This is simply a ranting post to get this off my chest but I'm seriously irked over it. Obviously I cant post all of the details here and there is a lot of background that you're missing to explain why this is such a big deal, but it's just simply frustrating.
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Re: just frustrated

  • Yeah that would suck. I'm sorry she is being a crappy friend right now, especially since her presence is necessary for one of the planned activities. I say, in this case, you are well within your rights to replace her.. on the scavenger hunt team LOL..

    Have fun tonight anyway!
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  • I can't blame you for being frustrated.  It's being a bad friend when you bail on your friends.

    But have a great time tonight ringing in the new year!
  • well here's the update, she ended up coming and admitted that she had a great time with us... no apology, but whatever at least she came
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