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Trying to eat healthier

My fiance and I have started exercising and I have been watching calories to get into shape for the wedding. We have done so well that we decided we should make a habit of being healthier and start eating right. I can cut calories but have always had a hard time with healthy meals planning. My main concern is dinner. Does anyone know where to find health recipes for dinners or have any suggestions for sides?

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Re: Trying to eat healthier

  • I love the cookbook Clean Eating 2, it's got lots of yummy but healthy dinners in it!! I made the sweet & sour chicken on brown rice two days ago and it was amazing. I even won over my FI and his dad, who are NOT into healthy!!

    Good luck!
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  • is a great place for healthy recipes! She also lists the nutrition information so no trying to figure it out :-)
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  • My go-to recipe source is It gives all the nutrition info you'll need if you're tracking fat, calories, carbs, protein, etc. and the recipes are never-fail. Enjoy!
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  • I find recipe stuff on
    its a free site with oodles of health info and support to go with it.
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  • Pinterest is my bff for healthful recipes. 
    If you're buying super lean cuts (chicken breasts, 93/7 ground beef or ground turkey), using more veggies and less grains, you will be making great tasting, more healthful dinners anyway. 
    Skinnytaste is great, or google clean eating blogs.. Those and paleo blogs always have great recipes. 
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    I second and also love & Pinterest is usually pretty helpful too.
  • I like spark people as well, but sometimes the user submitted recipes aren't great.  Some people are way too interested in cutting out all oil, sugar, and fat from their diet for me. 
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  • My go to site is They have a wide variety of recipes for you to try.
  • has a bunch of everyday, yummy, and healthy meals.  Check it out!
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    Also, this is my friend's food blog that offers some healthier versions of classic recipes.  Haven't tried any yet, but they look good!
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    Big congrats for deciding to make healthy a lifestyle instead of a 'diet'!!!

    My favorite inspiration for healthy dinners come from Pinterest boards and Healthy Aperture. HA has beautiful photos of all healthy meals and the site is run by dietitians!
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  • I try to not eat carbs after lunch, so if I am making an italian dinner (which is like every night since my FI is Italian!) I personally use zucchini instead of pasta...i just let him of the carbs haha! For instance the other night I made spaghetti with meatballs and had the meatballs and sauce with the zucchini. I try to do a protien and two veggies for dinner instead of a carb, and a sugar free popsticle after dinner to curb my sweet tooth :)
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  • Thank yall so much I have already found several things I want to try off of some of the sites yall recommended!
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  • Pinterest!! I just type in healthy recipes and there are tons of them.. I really love Pinterest... maybe a little too much!!
  • THis is a wonderful way to get better in shape and just build a wonderful relationship! My man and I did this too! :) I think you should check out my website. This is a wonderful way to get healthy stay healthy and they have challenges that you are your husband to be can do together! Super awesome and fun! Plus they have many ways to earn prizes and actually earn your products for free! Great you should at least take a look and see what is in the vi shakes because the nurtients is just insane! Give me a call or text me or even email me if you guys might have an interest in something like this. Jen Bricker [email protected] or 989-745-2150. Good Luck !
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