Planning update and frustrating cost advice?

Hi ladies...FI and I have been working on lots of wedding things since we are in Maine for the holidays and I thought I would update since it has been awhile that I have written on the board. We recently booked our cupcake baker and decided to do a dessert table with mini desserts which I am really excited about...extra bonus that the lady sets it up for us, I could have kissed her when she told us that since it's another thing I don't need to worry about day of! We also saw our wedding bands for the first time which was exciting! now for the frustrating part...ceremony chairs. Is anyone else getting married outside and paying for chair rentals? This is such a silly additional cost to me and we had chairs from a local church that were perfect until their bean supper was scheduled for the same day so we can't use them. any helpful hints or suggestions??

Re: Planning update and frustrating cost advice?

  • I don't think it amounts to that much when you consider they will deliver them, set them up and take them away.  It's really more work than you realize if you've never done it. Plus, you know you are going to get good looking chairs.  Good luck!
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