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which is cheaper?

Do you ladies think it would be cheaper to find a venue that already offers caterering services or to bring in your own caterer to a venue that allows it?

Re: which is cheaper?

  • You have to price things out.  I went with a venue (ceremony and reception in same location) that catered but we had to bring in our own alcohol.  I found it cheaper to bring in my own alcohol (because I could return any unopened cases and bottles) than one that charged by hour or consumption.  
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  • Our venue provides the food onsite - buffet ranged in the $60s-88/pp. Sit down started at $88. They also provide the alcohol - we had a choice of per per/per hour or pay per drink... we're paying per drink. Our coordinator said unless you have a LOT of heavy drinkers it's best to go that way. If half the wedding are people who don't drink it's a waste of money. It's hard to beat the house with the standard flat fee. The beers for us are $7-8 and wine was $30/bottle. The cost is the same the members of the club pay. We're not having liquor. 
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