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I was wondering if any one had any information about the Rose Garden in Loose park? The place is absolutely stunning but I saw it was $325 to rent for a limited 2 hr window, and have also heard that they tend to have several weddings booked on the same day at the same time. I'm looking for an outdoor venue thats reasonable, and came across this and was thinking it was too good to be true. Anyways thanks so much for the information on here. You brides are awesome for all your help!!! thank god for this site! 

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    Yes, that's pretty much how it works.  It is a beautiful space, but technically, anyone can be in the park during your wedding. 
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    We are having our ceremony there, and you're right about the price and the time slots.  The website has more specific info, but if you are considering it you may want to call to make sure your date isn't booked -- I booked mine the first business day in January, along with like 40 other brides. The other thing I may caution you on is the chair rentals...most places charge much more because they essentially have to set up, wait for your ceremony to end, and then pick them back up because of the timing.
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    I forgot to mention, if you're wedding is in 2012 or later then you're fine; the Rose Garden only books for the calendar year.
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    Another bit of information- if you visit Loose Park, it's quite beautiful.  Although the rose garden fills up fast and you practically have to be there on the first business day of January (people camp out and others arrive as early as 4am to stand in line in the cold-mom and I included) to get your date in the garden, there is another area in Loose Park to have your wedding.  There's a beautiful little pond with lovely bridges and many blooming trees and large towering trees...and very very few brides use this area, so it's almost guaranteed to be open on your date.  The rose garden you rent for 2 hours at $325, but this lower area you rent for 4 hours for $100.  It is very beautiful and there is natural shade provided by the trees there, should your wedding be in the summer or in the afternoon.

    And yes, while its true they don't close down the park for your wedding, keep in mind that when people see there's a wedding going on, they're not going to disturb you, and will generally try to keep out of the way and give you your privacy.
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    I too am one of the ones who camped out ;-) ... the only thing that I would add is that for the bridge area, I believe they limit the capacity to 50 (?) - just something to check on ...
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    i can't wait too see photos and reviews from LP weddings!  If i was getting married in KC I'd totally have mine there.  It's beautiful;.  I jog by weddings all the time when i go there in the summer :)  I don't disturb them though.
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    I was also there to reserve our date 6/17/11. To the other brides having their ceremony at Loose Park are you having live music (violins,harp) at the ceremony or using a PA system with your songs for all guests to hear? I have wondered if guests would be able to hear live music over the fountains? thoughts..........  
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    Ah jburford, you must be the slot before me! I'm 6/17/11 too!! We are having a PA type thing (it has speakers and a mic and hooks up to an ipod I think), and having our aisle end at the bottom of the stairs, if that makes sense (although this makes the walk down the aisle really long). That way, we are farther away from the fountain to help with the noise, and we have speakers we are going to set a ways back so the people in the back can hear.  I thought about having live music for the ceremony, but our ceremony is going to be pretty short and I just couldn't justify spending that much on something that would play for 10-15 minutes. 
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    I did not camp out I sent my fiancé to go reserve the site at 9:30am on the first business day of year! And we got in with no problems...However my wedding is the first weekend in August. We reserved the two hour slot in the early evening and had no issues.  We reserved our Rehearsal Dinner in the shelter yesterday. We are going to rehearse in the park and then eat some good KC BBQ...Jack Stack caters and is right up the street.

    Chair rental is pretty high. The cheapest I found is at Arrow's which is a $250 delivery and set up fee. We are using the 1.10 chairs.

    Parking is the biggest component for us because we are expecting 100+ guest. We have decided to transport our wedding party by limo so we don't have to worry about parking or late comers.

    It is very beautiful. Decoration is minimal. There is a lot to consider though. I want to use a PA system so people can hear our vows, so I must arrange us around a column that has electricity. I probably won't use an aisle runner now because you can only place it on gravel and the guest won't be able to see it more than likely.

    There are a lot of components! I love my decision but please do the research and check the Farmer's Almanac for rain :-) I have looked and I have a 3% chance!
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    Hello!! I'm having a wedding in Loose Park in the pond area. And yes there is a 50 ppl limit to use the area. But it could be very intimate. We are planning to have our ceremony at sunset and sing a saxophonist as the music....Its a great space for the time frame 4 hours for $100. You can't beat it!!

    Question?? Has anyone every used or been inside their meting rooms?

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